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Vi's German Translation

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Given I was terrible bored yesterday, I started digging again. However keep in mind in order to do this, whereas I sometimes can translate stuff from German > English, sometimes I have to force myself to German > Dutch > English, and things may look like a bunch of drama lama grammar wise. However I will do my best to post things a bit coherent. German sadly enough isn't a language you can just literally translate due to with the use of certain words twisting the meaning of the sentence completely, let alone idioms being used.

So yes, I will make mistakes, plenty of them. I'm not providing official translations, so take things with a grain of salt.


On the upside, with myself being Dutch, we get taught four language mandatory, and German was one of them. And, even if I hate to say it, German is still somewhat ish similar to Dutch.


BUT. If you have any subject, questline, you want me to go read into in German and post it up, I will do it! Like for example "Oh could you check into the WHM quests from 30-50" is totally acceptable. But not "GO LOOK FOR ALL THE WHM GERMAN LORE" seeming I ain't going to hunt for NPCs all over the place.

However, if you end up providing me with the English names of the NPCs in question about WHM lore, I can dig into that as well besides the Questlines. So no, no need for their German names (although I've noticed this is mostly with nicknames and Hellsguard names so far. Names tend to stay mostly alike).


So if you want me to go talk with some NPC in German, and see if they got something else to say. Go ahead, and give names. Questlines are acceptable as well. However unlike what I did with the Monk Quests, I won't provide the whole translation from German to English, just what is different.


Anyhow. Here have my wonky translation of the German Quest Translation.


There is more to come from Erik the Scientist, the Monk Questline, NPC though!

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[align=center]Erik's Extra Lore Findings


Twelve Chakras?

[align=left]He bangs constantly on about having opened 'all' twelve. "Erik: Ich habe davon gehört, dass du alle zwölf Chakren geöffnet hast." -> "I have heard, that you have opened all Twelve chakras." In the English Version we have FOURTEEN chakras. Fourteenth should be Vierzehnte. Whether this is a translation error, or they mucked it up from one version to the other, or things gone wrong at Erik alone, and not at the Monk Main Questline? I will try to dig into that later.


With just simply switching between German and English, and having my "of the 14th Chakra" it seems to be a mistake on SE's part.


[align=center]It goes from "Of the 14th Chakra" as title to.[/align]





"(Female) Opener of the fourteen Chakras"

(Yeah, you will see a lot of gender specific translations included, German, just like Dutch, has ways to change words to either male or female depending on the person's gender. Sorry Tumblr.)




[align=left]From that alone I can kinda guess they just accidental mucked it up. Or perhaps the Quest is still stuck in Pre-60. I'm not sure.



[align=center]Was the Autumn War about fertile Clay or Alumina?


[align=left]While his first blurb about the Autumn War stays mostly the same, he speaks of "The area is a sedimentary basin formed by the deposit of the fine silts and sands carried by the river." in English, German he speaks clay, or alumina being there. Once more, I'm not sure which one of the translations is the correct one, but my best bet is Alumina because Erik says something along the lines "As a Scientist I should know of Alumina/Clay." I think Alumina is the better fit of the two. At the very least we get to hear of a reason WHY instead of just "We need more lands" basically.


Meanwhile the Autumn War is known as the Purple Foliage War in German. I laughed.[/align]





Was Vainchelon Injured/Sick Before He Died?


[align=left]In the English version, we simply get 'He (Vainchelon) died, however, before he was able to see his plan executed.' Krankenbett in German is used, what means sickbed. So it is more likely that he didn't die when facing the Ala Mhigans on the battlefield itself, but fought for his life after clashing with them. Not that it changes much as he died in the end anyhow.



[align=center]Seedseers Not a Permanent Ward but ONLY for TEN Years?


Whereas the English text speaks of the Ala Mhigans demanding the Seedseers were taking as wards for an unannounced period of time, at least the German Ala Mhigans tell them one of them 'only' were forced to live in Ala Mhigo for ten years.





Spying Patrols in the Autumn War


[align=left]We don't really hear anything of it in the English version, and while it is scenario what ever nation in most wars engages into here, in the German version mentions spying patrols being used. Take that as you wish.



[align=center]The Notorious Heavy Ishgardian Cavalry


[align=left]While the English quests tells about how effective the pikemen of Ala Mhigo where against mounted combat, and Ishgard at best being just known for having a heavy cavalry, in the German text they speak of the Ishgardian Chocobo Cavalry being notoriously for what they did.



[align=center]The Gridanians Alone Didn't Just Win with Raining Arrows Down at the Second Battle of Tinolqa


English version proclaims they rained down arrows onto the Ala Mhigians as soon they pulled them into their trap. In the German version we hear of the Limsa Pirates and Ul'dahn Gladiators who were lurking around them. However the German text still agrees that the majority of the damage was done by the Gridanian bowmen. But still! A mention of Ul'dah and Limsa beyond they were just there!






[align=center]Ul'dah and Limsa Were in it for the GAIN


In the English text they go about that they simply wanted to curb the power of Ala Mhigo. In the German version? Erik says something along the lines that this was the OFFICIAL reasoning, but instantly adds that Limsa and Ul'dah wanted favours of Gridania in return. Ishgard is just still concerned about its own hide first and foremost.




[align=center]Check Your Fist of Rhalgr Privileges[/align]


They go on about the Monks got gifted a lot of privileges, and their influence on politics grew in the years. I'm sort of happy to read this, seeming I got a massive theory craft on the FoR + Ala Mhigo +  the Purge of the Monks, and this sort of ish backing it up just more. Anyhow, I digress. To the next point!



[align=center]Suicide out of Grief and Chakra Knowledge


[align=left]The English version doesn't mention anything about the older Fist of Rhalgr and the Purge of the main temple. The German text does however. It states that the older monks committed suicide out of grief, and with them the secrets of the Fist of Rhalgr and the chakras got taken with them.


Interestingly enough, it seems they make a difference between being a Monk with Chakras, and one without, while still both being Fist of Rhalgr. They specify the difference between Monks, the elders who knew of Chakras, and Monks who did not. So I'd say once more, fighting like a FoR =/= having knowledge of Chakras. It really seems something what well, trained folk only have access to.[/align]



Ala Mhigo had a Parliament?


Erik speaks of the Mad King killing not only rich merchants and nobles but also about killing people of what I can only translate as the members of the Parliament. So who knows?





Aether on Old Battlefields Can Tell the Amount of Soldiers Who Died


[align=left]Erik claims in this version that due to figuring out the amount of left over aether on a battlefield, that he, or scientists in general, can predict how many soldiers have died there. In the English version he only speaks of 'able to reconstruct details' (of said battlefield), but this makes it a bit more specific.



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Okay shitton more coming in on topics who interest me. With the new Lore Finder things are a lot easier to find.


[align=center]Rhalgr's Bile is named Rhalgr's Blood in German [/align]


For people who don't know what it is, it is an extremely lethal, and hard to make potion, previously having been used to assassinate an Ala Mhigan King. It probably was just a change to make it sound better, as blood sometimes is used anyhow for poison to begin with. Rhalgr's Galle doesn't sound as neatly as Rhalgr's Blut after all.



[align=center]Rhalgr-something blessing/greetings/curses translated


[align=left]By Rhalgr's will. By Rhalgr! May Rhalgr be with you (we are suddenly turning into Jedi right guys?) May Rhalgr give you the strength you seek. Rhalgr's salutations (I'm going to assume this is meant to be Rhalgr's blessings rather). Thank Rhalgr! May Rhalgr favour you in all battles. May the Destroyer steer his powerful lightning in your favour.





[align=left]"They teach the divine predetermination, and promise power in return for obedience. For me, the "Fist of Rhalgr" a religion like any other, because it has the same goal - to control other individuals."

Okay Erik is based up to the heavens, but still. Or at least, Fists seem to be cult ish as well in this version.



[align=center]Fist of Rhalgr have Oaths


The WoL is said to fight as a Fist, yet Widargelt tells him he is not a true Fist, doesn't have to join his order, I think, but the most clear is that he says that the WoL doesn't have to swear such an oath.




Rhalgr, possibly Fist of Rhalgr, Philosophy. Maybe?


[align=left]"All new beginnings requires the total destruction. The destruction is the beginning." Has to do with the Eternal Bonding ceremony quest. This is what you get at Rhalgr's stone apparently. I still found it an interesthing thing to mention regardless!



[align=center]Conjurers are Druids


[align=left]Nothing to be said than conjurers ain't call conjurers, but druids rather in German. Probably might be due to the fact it is well, German, it is probably made for a better with the player base! But still interesting nonetheless.



[align=center]Talisman is being spoke off, rather than scroll[/align]


Sorry guys, more Rhalgr nonsense here, because I'm translating the things I find interesting first. So it seems in this quest patriotic Ala Mhigans wear them! However I'd always imagine they did that sort of thing to begin with, but it is nice to see some ingame reference to it.[/align]




"Rhalgr has left us."


[align=left]I'm really not sure if Gundobald is using this as a way to complain, or if he really believes Rhalgr has turned the back onto the Ala Mhigans. Either way fits into the context sadly enough.

This is also the part where Bertliana comes in, an innocent Ala Mhigan, who most likely got raped by the Corpse Brigade, and instantly got delivered the news about the stupid young people at Little Ala Mhigo trying to summon Rhalgr. I'm not sure whether he uses it as a complaint, or says Rhalgr has forsaken them. I mean, you don't have to summon your God ala primal style if he was there, right? Or perhaps it just some complaint about lack of sense with the younger Ala Mhigans, or something to do with Bertliana's fate. I really don't know. German is hard at times.







[align=center]Widargelt continues to be wanting to reform the Fists


Unlike H'raha Tia who is more awesome in the German version, shouting bloodshed is the only thing the Destroyer wants ect, Widargelt continues to lame ever since the post 50 quests and wanting to reform the Fist of Rhlagr into some group of goody two shoes defenders of the weak and paragons of justice unlike what they were before.


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