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[Balmung] Male fluffbutt seeking RP buddies or just someone to talk to

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Hello again, it's me! Scaith is feeling lonesome but at the same time, is verily nervous of going into the Quicksand for too long. He is quiet at first, but can be a fast friend! I guess I'm mostly seeking someone to either chat with IC while working through Eorzea or even wouldn't mind talking OOC either. If you're intrigued, come send me a PM or if IG, send a tell to Scaith Nightbreaker. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Feel free to prod me for RP anytime :) Two of my characters are pretty easygoing and prone to hanging about Ul'dah talking to random people.

Lol well, I'd love that chance to get to know my fellow RPC mates better! I'm thinking of bing playing from sunday to monday XP Or send me a PM, I love having someone to talk to here even more while I'm working!

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