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Looking for a "specific body" for short RP.

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Hello, this is my first time posting on here so if I mess anything up or come off as ignorant I apologize in advance.


A friend and I are looking to have our characters meet IC for the first time. Based on both our back stories we came up with a good scenario for it. The only problem is we need a specific race and gender character as a third person in it.


We're looking for a male Raen Au Ra.


A word of warning, we are eventually going to try to beat up this person jointly and or run away from him.


We also would have to avoid him after unless he becomes a different person after some time.


During the RP they would be acting as someone from my character's past in Doma. So if you prefer we can just have them wear a mask and after the RP even if we meet again with your character IC then we can consider them someone completely different. We just need the race and gender to comply and for them to follow the prompting.


If anyone replies to this as a possible applicant to help us I will provide further story/scenario details.

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Is there any particular reason the character has to match the description of the NPC they're portraying? Aren't you really just asking for someone to portray an NPC? (You could also portray it yourself, though I understand it being more interesting if the character is unpredictable! Though that's a double-sided thing, since you can't expect them to necessarily respond to the situation in the manner you've imagined :) )

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My character ran away from an arranged marriage in Doma. The one sent to bring her back is from her former betrothed's family. Her former betrothed's family is Raen, so we need a Male Raen to play the part of potential kidnapper.

The character isn't playing as the character anyway - since instead he would be playing as your NPC. That's why I was asking if it really mattered if it were a Raen, since they're playing something entirely different than what the model represents anyway no matter what you do (Say, a Hyur character RPing the Raen in question). That's all, might open you to more possible people!

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Thank you for the suggestion, I've received a message for a possible person already. If things go well I'll post again to say that this thread is closed.

Terrific! Good luck :)


There's also a group out there, I think they're still out there!, that specializes in playing NPCs for other people's events/plots/storylines :)!

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