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Skywardens Pub Crawl Evenings [Monthly]

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Join the Skywardens for Public RP night for drinks, merriment and fun at various La Noscean locations such as the Drowning Wench, Wineport and Costa del Sol. The event is usually hosted 6:30pm PST until people leave.


Itinerary 6.30.16: Establishment of the Skywardens officially under the flag of the Maelstrom and Captained by C'sien Zoth. Recruitment to the crew, drinks and food are on C'sien Zoth. Location: Drowning Wench


Website: http://skywardensffxiv.enjin.com/home#

Linkshell: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=16380

Tumblr: http://skywardens.tumblr.com/

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Alright, some extra details for tonight! :)

Reminder; 6:30PM pst!


If it is not overly busy we will be at the highlighted table below.

If the table is used or whatever, we will be at the open-air entrance just beyond the Drowning Wench.




If we aren't at the table then, this location:


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It was fun meeting you guys! I eventually became really tired though. Curse being EU sometimes!


I forgot to make screenshots, so I'm glad someone made some high quality ones!


It was lovely rping with you! :)

I'm sorry it was so late for you, it's always hard trying to schedule things for folks who are all over the world.

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Time- 6:30pm PST

Location- First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena; Tavern


Itinerary: Progress continues on the Skywarden, and the Captain was caught up at Ishgard for the majority of the week overseeing it's progress. What does that mean? Hot toddy's, snowball fights, and as always, open-recruitment at the Observatorium.





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Event will be moved to Monthly as it seems to work better for our staff! :)

When is the next one so I can adjust Nef's google calendar feed?


28th of July :)

Events will be the last Thursday of the month.

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