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Character Concepts

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So kind of asking on opinions on two character concepts I've thought about for a new character I may create either in game or for strictly roleplaying purposes. Mind you these are a work in progress.


Maetikoel Syhrkoensyn (Mighty Coeurl Son Of Fearless King) - A Keeper of the Moon Miqo’te Male that was raised by Roegadyn parents. His caretakers found the young child a drift in the sea



There was an attempt to return him to his tribe, but the place they discovered that the home was attacked, but since there was no blood or signs of dead bodies it was assumed they were scattered. Many moons passed and they did indeed try to help the child return to their tribe members, but none have been found so eventually they gave up and adopted the child as their own. He still has the name that was given to him by his tribe at birth. His name being on a blanket that he was wrapped in. The name given to him by the tribe Mevi'li Fhipne, but will mostly respond to the name given to him by his caretakers



- So the first concept taking the whole Adopted Miqo'te thing that seems to be popular, but attempting to put a new spin on it.  His caretaker being like pirates or maybe becoming pirates at some point. I was gonna go with a type of Eorzean and Pirate version of Robin Hood, but not sure if that would work or not. As for how he was found adrift on the sea I think I was inspired a little bit by Moses as he was found on the Nile. I had also thought of him being found just by wondering into a Aleport or Limsa Lomisa -








L’bhaxe Tia - a Seeker of the Sun formerly a Nuhn, but due to extreme wanderlust has selfishly forsaken his title and after throwing a challenge by a Tia has since left the tribal lifestyle to explore the world of Eorzea.


- This one was more of a Young Nuhn of a tribe not being completely satisfied with being a leader and wanting to travel feeling that it was maybe restricting. Perhaps being influenced by outsiders or maybe Tias that come back from traveling and they tell tales of what they saw and experienced. -

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I really like the first character concept a lot more than the second one. It's relatively unique, possible and gives you a neat hook to explain your character's name to people who are interested in why it is.

Cool! I'm glad you like it. I did think of other things to add to make him more interesting


Siblings: Maetikoel has a Blood Brothers within the Keepers Tribe and an older Roegadyn Step-Sister.



Bahti'a Fhipne being the oldest. The second sibling is a twin meaning they were both born around the same time. Nehmah'to Fhipne is the second sibling. Due Maetikoel/Mevi’li not being raised in the tribe. The elderst views him as an outcast while the middle attempts to make connections



-Might have been a dumb thing to question was about the Miqo'te surnames. Seeings as they are brothers they should share the surname Fhipne right? Would it be completely out of the norm for some Miqo'te to attempt to connect with an outsider sibling?-



 His adopted parents already had a child. Her name is  Sterrwyb Syhrkoenwyn (Strong Woman Daughter Of Fearless King). In the Beginning Maetikoel and Sterrwyb didn’t get along to well. Her Miqo’te Step brother was very different and wasn’t too keen on being associated with him, but as they grew older she slowly began to accept him. Now they are close siblings



-Is Sterrwyb an appropriate name for a Female Roegadyn?-



To those that view him favorably his is sometimes nicknamed as the “Merlkoel” (Sea Coeurl) and to close friends and family refer to as “Mae” or  with his step-sister “Maemae” a nickname that she’s given him and tends to annoy him greatly and amuses her greatly. To those that don’t seem to enjoy his presence he is the “Elilmoenkild” (Exiled/Foreign Moon Child)



-I think here I was trying to show how other Roegadyn in the area he grew up in viewed him and nicknamed him. Good and bad and of course a silly nickname from a sibling.Foreign Moon Child obviously referring the fact that he is a Keeper Miqo'te. I couldn't find a more insulting name in the Roegadyn's native language dictionary-

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