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  1. Green is not a Creative Color If Larfleeze finds himself on Hydaelyn and someone wants the power enough. He could have a target on his back. Someone's gonna get it in the end maybe
  2. Bored and curious to know if one of the rings from the DC Universe/Green Lantern Canon came to Eorzea and to your character which one of the rings would your character have? For those not familiar with the Universe here is a [link] to the Emotion Spectrum so you can look up and see which one fits your character. Does your Character: Have Great Rage in their Heart Able to Feel Great Compassion Instill Great Fear Want It All? Great Love In Their Heart Bring Hope Or have Great Willpower/Overcome Great Fear [Edit] Lol I forgot to add in my Characters for this
  3. What I have so far is. I kind of have it that she can still locate the stars thanks to her mother's teaching, but doesn't really preform Sharlayan Astrology much due to possible threats lurking in the shadows and since she is kind of a fugitive along with her "Family" . She does have a divining deck hidden away with her star globe. She was indeed born in Sharlayan, but born among a bunch of Gypsies that had a different set of thinking then most natives
  4. Hey! Thought I'd ask you guys thoughts on a concept of a character I have. She is a WIP so things may change after further research. Kind of want to try a Gypsy Type of Character. I may have some lore errors here and if you could point them out and help make this character more decent so she can be appropriate for Future RP? Tbe only thing I can remember from the Astrologian Job Quests is that the Sharlyan's aren't too keen on sharing their talents with Eorzeans. Haelstyrn Swyrmoenwyn Age: 20 Bio: Haelstyrn was born to a pair of Gypsies that hail from Sharlyan. The Gypsies Fam
  5. *Update* Romoka & S'kenta Tia are available
  6. *Information Updated* As of this posting In-Game RP is on hold. Currently unsubscribed and won't return until June near the release date of Stormblood. Tumblr and Discord is still available and will spend time there
  7. One for Each Muse Faith Sauveterre Foreigner Adventurer from another land cause that is completely original Maetikoel Syhrkoensyn Miqo'te tries to be a Roegydyn Ashlyn Blake 20 and Pregnant Simon Areobuck Sick person demands to be treated like a normal person Nobutsune Naeuri Bullies from another country invaded home and killed the family you were supposed to protect...BEST GUARDIAN EVER Winter Choir Is Classy as Fuck Romoka Diraoka Crack is Wack! S'kenta Tia Kicked out of home by bullies. Kind of Bitter, but sort of over it
  8. So I have a question for you RPers? How do you guys feel about creating Pre- Established Relations with other characters? What are your thought on peeps that do it? Do you think it can be helpful to new or shy rpers? Does make it worse? Do people even do it and if so is it frowned upon? I've been wondering if I should do it or not because it can be easier to to skip all that introduction and instead of thinking of a way to just have a first meeting you can just get right into without all that awkward first time talk, but just curious on your thoughts
  9. Are you guys still accepting performers? Got a Opera Loving Roe that would love to meet other performers and maybe someone that enjoys Opera and can tutor her
  10. *UPDATE* Nobutsune and Winter are now in Balmung! Profiles in Signature
  11. *Will most likely update again when the rest of my characters come on* Ashlyn and Simon from Sarg have been transfer to Balmung. If interested check their profiles out on the link in the signature. Will work on their RPC Wiki page at some point
  12. Gonna go ahead and post here just in case. I do have two alts on Sargatanas. Ashlyn Blake and Simon Areobuck. If peeps are still looking for connections then look out for these two or PM on here and maybe we can do something
  13. Is this linkshell still active. If so I would love for my Sea Cat to join. Love my Outcast of a Keeper interact with fellow Lomisians
  14. Gonna put my Tumblr on here http://citizensofeorzea.tumblr.com/ It is a Multi Muse Blog. It's a Roleplay Blog. It's kind of a mix between IC/OOC
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