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Cat of Fortune Auction

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[align=left]Catof Fortune Auction!


Wehave a number of members who would love to offer their services, or enjoy a nice dinner with someone!



Catof Fortuneof Balmung are having their first ever Date Auction event,hosted by Okhi Lyehga. We are an up and coming FC in need of a home to open our cafe. So why not bid on one or two of our members or volunteers! They will be up for Dates or for their services, ever needed a field medic? Or a research assistant? Well we have you covered. Or maybe a dancer for an event we have those too![/align]




Currently we are planning to have this on the beach of Ward 11 of the Mists, if this changes I will update it here.




We will be hosting this on the 22nd  of July! at 7pm cst! So please mark your calenders!


Rulesfor the Auction are as follows


1.Exchanges will be made with real gil.

2.Bidding for each date will start at 50,000.

3.Bids must be made between at 1,000 increments.

4.All winning bids must be turned in to Free Company officers: Okhi Lyehga, Asah Y'Lyehga, Nevahe Carmine




Thisis a Date auction, but not all are up for romantic dates, some are offering time and services icly. So please speak with the person about what you would like to do, we will post what people are mostly up for in the profiles soon to follow. But remember you are merely buying their time for rp, so have fun ^^.


Rememberthis is all for fun!


Ifyou have any questions or concerns, contact myself, Miqotea (Asah Y'Lyehga), Nevahe Carmine and we will do our best to assist


We will be postingthis on Tumblr as well. We will also post profiles of those who are up. IF you are interested in volunteering to help us please send me a message here or in game, if so please fill this out.[/align]


Name: John Q Rper

Interests: Male or/and Female

Date: What sort i.e. services, friendly meet-up, romantic

About: Tell us how you want to be introduced, and a little about yourself.


Picture: If applicable.

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The People up for Auction, if you want to be one please message me!


Name: Okhi Lyehga 

Interests: Women 

Date: Service or Friendly

About: Okhi is the former owner of the Mog Bar, writer, and mother to her adoptive daughter Yuki, she loves to draw and write, as well as make drinks for people. So if you need someone to chat with or a bartender for an event she is your woman. 

Picture: days6E8.png


Name: Q'rihn Hiqoh

Interests: Male and female for friendly. [Male for romantic.]

Date: Services (adventurer's aide), friendly meet-up.

About: This shy Sharlayan Seeker comes to us from the Coerthas Highlands where she spent her time in the Observatorium, perfecting her skills as a librarian and falling more and more in love with her books. If you are seeking someone to chronicle your heroic deeds or ferret out tasks you can do to put your stamp on Eorzean history, look no further than this capable, competent -- clumsy -- adventurer's aide!


Picture: http://i.imgur.com/m8tFXeU.png


Name: Asah Y'Lyehga

Interests: Male or Female 

Date: Friendly meeting or healing/cooking sevice. 

About: Asah is a former adventurer and healer, now settled in her married life with her husband Xha'to Lyehga and their daughter Aliah Lyehga. She has a caring personality, so if you are interested in advices, or just need someone to listen, she is the person for that. 




Name: Itara Irispyre

Interests: Yes (both) 

Date: friendly meet-up, romantic, party, whatever really (within reason) 

About: A foul mouthed lush, Itara is a far cry from the standard Elezen lady. Flirty and outgoing, a smile and laugh are never far from this Duskwight’s lips. She may be a part time adventurer and trained thaumaturge but she prefers to pay the bills with her true love, dance. A freelance dancer Itara travels all around Eorzea performing for anyone willing to have her.


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