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Ultima Garden FC and LS

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[align=center]“Work hard. Study hard. Play hard.”[/align]


Name: Ultima Garden [seeD]

Themes: Academic, Mercenary, Role Play Driven, In-Game Progression Oriented.

Intensity: Heavy RP, Casual Gamers.

Recruitment: OPEN.

Website: http://ultima-garden-rp.enjin.com/home

Contact: Raine Felstar, Sparke Ash






Who We Are:

In times long forgotten by the annals of history (or so the legend says), Gardens were established in Eorzea as a safe haven for orphans. Although they began as a charity for those seeking to improve their lot in life, they became a force capable of challenging even the most deadly threats. It’s reputation spread as an elite military academy, training youths to become exceptional soldiers in order to join and support the armies of the world. Those who showed exemplary talents would remain in Garden to form the Special Encounter and Elimination Division, or SeeD. 


The members of Ultima Garden have devoted themselves to continuing this tradition by re-establishing themselves in Eorzea. Presently we are seeking Cadets of all ages who believe they possess the skills to become SeeD’s, instructors, Garden staff and lend aid to Eorzea. Much as the Grand Companies and City-States offer leves, Garden similarly provides missions to its Cadets and SeeDs in order to give practical experience to in class lessons, assist the general public, and provide extra income.These leves can range anywhere from protecting a local farmer from bandits, to salvaging new technology or even assisting the Templar of Ishgard in defending their homes. In addition to training experienced fighters, Ultima Garden wishes to build a team accomplished tradesmen and women to supply materials to the Grand Companies, medics capable of assisting those in need and an airship division. Students and instructors looking to enhance their experience may also join The Garden Festival committee, planning events for not only the academy but for the benefit of the general public.





What We Do:

Ultima Garden [seeD] is a roleplaying linkshell (100% IC) and Free Company (100% OOC) that has an emphasis on academics, mercenary style guildleves, manufacturing, airships and supporting Free Companies. While everyone has their own idea of role-play, our FC-LS focuses on storyline and character relationships to create an immersive experience. Your writing and roleplay will directly impact the way the story plays out and unfolds. Be aware that we are looking for open-minded people who can respect others opinions and contribute to stories the other members create. You can feel free to participate in events and we encourage you to go ahead and create your own! As our members advance through our ranks, they are imparted with greater responsibilities. While we have no member cap, as we prefer quality over quantity and to ensure that each person has an opportunity to participate without being overlooked in any way. In addition to promoting excellent roleplay, we wish to encourage members to participate in assisting one another with in game content. It is our goal to find other casual players with good attitudes to participate in Deep Dungeon and Diadem as a group.

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hey folks I got about 15 people from an RP FC that is looking for a new home the person you want to talk to about this is Purrla Divine(name might be misspelled) there are about 15 ppl in total and the FC I am currently in might not want them in so I though it might be important to bring it towards someone attention. I am on the gilgamesh server if you want to talk to me about it and see if someone from your FC would like to talk to me about this...

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