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A small Balmung Lala arrives!


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Hello, hello! At the behest of my closest friend, I've started playing FFXIV, and moved the character I've created over to Balmung. I've been playing for a few weeks now, and between running around doing game stuff and RPing, I've been having a blast!


I've been playing MMO's since I was around twelve years old, which marks the year my family had finally upgraded from dial-up to a REAL Internet connection. I can't recall whether Maplestory or Runescape was my first, but I frequented both during the same time period, SHRUG...


I've been RPing nearly as long, though in all honesty it's been a while, haha. I'm not the fastest poster, nor the boldest person, so I'm apt to stand back and watch others and only think about joining the action.


I'm still trying to find my footing in the FFXIV RP community, with both its members and its lore/mannerisms; I'm more than eager to become more involved, however!


My main character is a Dunes/Plains mixed Lalafell by the name of Eryry Ery. She tends to hang around The Quicksands in Ul'dah, but can often be found out and about around Gridania and occasionally Costa del Sol. I'm open to all sorts of roleplay, from casual to heavy-- please don't be afraid to send me a /tell! I just ask that you be a bit patient with me. Between panicking over being spoken to, nitpicking my own posts, and my patchy memory for words, it may take me a few minutes to churn out a response at times.


Also, some of you may have seen Eryry around in a witch outfit handing out frogs. Please be sure to respect and cherish them if you receive one, as they will bless you, your father, and your cow for years to come. :cactuar:

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