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A real life athlete...


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Hey guys, pleasure to meet you all (sort of in the future and probably not everyone, ain't nobody got time for that)!


I'm relatively new to RPing in MMOs having a bit of experience from FFXIV on Moogle, where I currently roleplay in a community of... like 20 people and I'd love to be a part of a bigger world which is immersive and interesting in a sense that there are plenty of people and everyone has his own apporach.


Aside from RPing I have quite a lot of experience in MMOs, especially FFXIV, I used to play a lot of MOBAs but now I'm rather casual, I like trains and I'm an athlete as I am extremely quick to run from PC to the fridge and back. I may need some guidance, but I'll just find myself a good place to ask questions before barging into the server.

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You'll find some staunch competition to your track skills here, I think!


Feel free to ask questions and feel out the sense of things here. There's a lot of really knowledgeable folks who spend their time here (including one who I strongly suspect is a robot and/or works for Square Enix) who are happy to spill the beans on any aspect of Eorzea you might be curious about.

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Probably a stupid question but the linkshell hall is confusing, so this seems like a good place: How do I get started now that I'm on Balmung? :D I'd love to get a hint, on Moogle you can't just poke people on the street >_>

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Poking people on the street is actually a pretty standard tactic. The linkshell hall is cleared out every month so inactive groups get the purge, so everyone there should be around if you PM looking for connections or an invite. In-game, there's usually a ton of RP happening around the clock. I'd also recommend checking out the Calendar tab at the top of the page; Balmung's got so many scheduled events you can probably find something going on every night of the week.

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As Warren said, poking people on the street is often an excellent idea.


You'd be suprised how open people are, and it can be fun getting lost in a plot for the first time, all without a single /tell.

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