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Retro Film Thread

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Now i'm a sucker for the old and scratchy sounds of dusty vinyl and tuning radio, Danny Kayes terrifically talented tongue twisting jargon to pink ladies and almost anything retro.


With the internet, more people (and of a younger generation) have access to these classics and can appreciate them for what they are.


So I was feeling a little nostalgic and thought i'd ask, what are some of your favourite old timey wimey movies/series? And why?


I have to say two out of my hundreds of favourites are 'Return to Oz' simply for it's more interestingly darker twist but no less magical (in its own way) feel to the usual Oz film most have likely seen. Really nostalgic for me!


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And another one has to be 'The Pagemaster'. It's a little cheesy, it's the 90s, it's magical and I don't know any kid who wouldn't enjoy it even to this day. It is a little too short sadly, I think a remake might not be such a bad idea in this case but either way it's still an enjoyable movie.


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Feel free to post trailers (if that's allowed?) Maybe steer away from too much spoilerage in case someone fancies a go at watching any of the films mentioned in this thread or use a spoiler tag.

Someone may even mention a film lost far in your memory that you might find again! :D


Have fun feeling nostalgic! Or old...

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This prompt though...how do I choose which ones I absolutely adore?! Summoning up old ghosts of friends past, and asking me to choose which affected my rose colored image of the world? How dare you?! (No really though, I am gonna start with some ones I can't stop thinking of for any lifetime.)









To Catch a Thief (1955)

Starring the incomparable Cary Grant and Grace Kelly

Directed by the one and only Alfred Hitchock


I feel as if less than that could be said, and it would still be enough. This film is stated to be a thriller/romance, but my question is as to what thrill that genre title speaks? In this one, the old tomcat thief turns straight going, but low and behold, the jewels still get stolen, who could be the culprit. You have to see this one just so you can watch Grace Kelly stand and waiting or watch her driving through the hills of the French Riviera with golden locks flowing out behind her, there are numerous ways you could watch Grace Kelly and get a thrill. That is the age old beauty of this one, the thrill is in the vision, the imagery of cinema captured in the small moments like so many films of this time.



Next up:


Roman Holiday (1953)

Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck

Directed by William Wyler


In this one, two true stars of the screen, come together to give us a lighter fair of fun and adventure, for the escapists in all of us. As the name states, an unexpected Roman Holiday is had by all, when a princess can't take the bonds of responsibility and a reporter must choose between his work and the woman who enchants his heart unknowingly. In the above scene (and the one in the header), the most recognizable of the film, a naive princess risks limb with the words of her new dashing knight in 1950's suit, as she tests her hand in the Mouth of Truth.


Lastly, and she will come up, one must see every single Marilyn Monroe film. To say that she is divine and transcendent, of her time and of the expectations of society and popular culture, is understating her work. That she was an artist, and the magnet of every heart and eye and soul of the time, is a given once you view her in even the most elementary of scripts. Hopefully someone shares their favorite, or I can share mine later, maybe both!


(Thanks for this prompt, these old films make me smile and my heart to feel a little lighter, and that is priceless these days.)

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