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An imaginative title, I know. I was struck down by the lack of inspiration monster, forgive me.


I'm not new to RPing by any means, (been doing it for over ten years online on forums and MMOs, longer if you count tabletop gaming in my childhood,) but I am new to this site and the accompanying wiki so I thought I'd better introduce myself! I've been trying to get into the FFXIV Tumblr RP community as well, so you can find me over there as well if that takes your fancy, I'm not hard to find!


I've been playing MMOs for as long as I've had a (somewhat) stable internet connection. I've played all the big names for at least a short period of time, but FFXIV is the only one since WoW that has grasped my interest properly. (I no longer play WoW by the way!)


As for RP experience, I regularly DM and play in Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder games, both in RL and online, as well as RPing through Tumblr as various characters. I've been roleplaying since childhood, if you count playing D&D!


My main character, (i.e. my only character at the moment, though I'm sure that'll change soon enough!) is E'Cavhi Pahlo. I'm going to be setting up a wiki page for her in the coming days, so I won't type too much about her. She's a Miqo'te Machinist-for-hire, as well as a recreational Culinarian. (Though I have the MCH and CUL classes unlocked and some levels in them, I mostly play SMN OOC and haven't yet reached endgame content with any class, so no spoilers past Matoya's Cave right now, please and thank you!) Me and E'Cavhi can be found on Balmung! I transferred there a while ago but, due to RL things, haven't had the time or energy to get registered here until now.


I'd say I'm a light-medium roleplayer. I try to stick to lore, but don't mind rules being bent at all! I'm aspiring to be more on the medium-heavy side of things, but that's hard without a FC and Linkshells! (Any suggestions for FC's and LS's gladly welcomed!)


As far as OOC goes, you can call me Bekkie. I live in England, and enjoy such things as LGBT+ and disability activism, (yep, I'm one of those people,) original fiction writing, and tabletop gaming. Hi!


(Apologies for the long post, I tend to ramble!)

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