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Dancing With the Devil

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Hello everyone, I'm Tzarazt from Diabolos and I'm taking a shot in the dark here that there is anything happening roleplay-wise on Diabolos. I'm fully aware Balmung/Gilgamesh is "where it's at" so to speak and the chances of getting a character there are not in one's favor, but as roleplaying is something I tend to try to make part of my mmorpg experience I thought it best to at least test the waters before giving up hope. I am currently still making the climb to level 50 and still need to get a character idea together so there's no rush to jump in the deep end just yet, but if there's a chance I could get some in-game roleplay happening there's much more of an incentive to get myself together in-character. I'm not much of a forum roleplayer, but I recognize that is an option as well. Regardless it is good to join this collection of roleplayers here at least and I look forward to hopefully getting to know some of you as time goes on.

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