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A bit of lore snippets for those who do not know.

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As I was searching to increase my knowlage on the lore for FFXIV I came across this website which tells you a little bit about what the world and cities are like. I guess the people who played FFXIV already know but here is for us new ones like me but then again there maybe some things you do not know, enjoy!


Credit to the Orginal Author





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Table of Contents

Events Covered So Far


News + Updates

How to Contribute


2. The Races (Man + Beast)


3. God Lore


4. Limsa Lominsa + La Noscea






5. Ul'dah + Thanalan


6. Gridania + The Black Shroud



Ishgard + The Coerthas

The Empire + Imperials

General Lore / History / Miscellaneous



Unknown Lands







Did you know? (cool things you may not have noticed or you can go see when bored)



Confusion / Questions

References to real world pop culture


Helpful links

Thank You's / Contributors


Events Covered So Far (note I may have missed things)

-Limsa opening

-sidequests (at least the completion journal entries and a few from the entire quest if listed on zam)

-all npcs in game except for a few camps


-Character creation


The Races (Man + Beast)


The Hyur

-said to have traveled to Eorzea from surrounding continents and islands around 1000 years ago. (char creation)

-most populous race in Eorzea (char creation)



-over half of Eorzea's Hyur population (char creation)

-generally more educated than other races due to being trained in literacy at a young age (char creation)

-have an intrinsic ability to adapt and borrow from other cultures (Merewina)



-first Hyur to reach Eorzea (char creation)

-name derives from a tradition of building strongholds in the mountains (vavaki)

-higher stamina than average hyur due to living at high altitudes for so many years (vavaki)

-men and women all trained in combat from childhood (vavaki)

-devout followers of Rhalgr, the Destroyer (char creation)

-practice tooth filing and tattooing (char creation)

-were the main population of Ala Mhigo (vavaki)

-almost all of Eorzea's Highlander population are from those who fled Ala Mhigo


-males now rare in Eorzea (char creation)

-females now -very- rare (vavaki)



-look like children to most people (char creation)

-came from the islands of the south seas where they were they had lived an agricultural lifestyle (char creation).

-from Limsa, the Islands are across the sea of Merlthor to the south (Merewina)

-one theory as to why they have green hair is because it let them blend in with grass to avoid being eaten by the avian predators called giant rocs that hunted in their homeland (Merewina)

-began to migrate to Eorzea when maritime trade routes opened up (char creation)

-their culture has an emphasis on blood relation but they tend to get along with everyone well (char creation)



-their home islands are flat (char creation)

-they lived in traditional thatched huts connected by intricate underground passageways (char creation)

-very sensitive hearing (char creation)

-clever, opportunistic, and crafty with words which makes them great in business (char creation)



-history of life in the desert (vavaki)

-native dwellings are built onto the back of beasts of burden which allowed them to go across the deserts of the island they call home (char creation)

-many wear a small traditional gemstone on their forehead that represents their zodiacal sign (char creation)

-very interested in gaining new knowledge, putting it ahead of all other endeavours (char creation)

-resilient to poison due to the regular consumption of a traditional drink starting at an early age. This occurs since most plants and animals in their native land are venomous. (vavaki)

-resilience from herbal drink has no effect in Eorzea (vavaki)

-thin layer covers the pupil of the eyes. an evolutionary trait for protection against the harsh sun and reflection on the sand (vavaki)



-majority belong to the Sea Wolf clan (char creation)


Sea Wolf

-Sea Wolves were a band of brutal pirates who would attack coastal villages and ships in the past (char creation)

-originally came from the islands in the far north sea where they still exist as fishers (char creation)

-used to use longboats and were essentially "vikings" (Merewina)

-With Limsa Lominsa`s armada, their pirate ways diminished (char creation)



-from the northern mountains of Abalathia's Spine (vavaki)

-the mountains are made up of volcanoes which has resulted in them developing rugged bodies and steely resilience over time(vavaki)

-they believe that the volcanoes in their homelands are gates to the underworld and they believe that they protect souls from travelling back to the realm of the living (char creation)

-regard alchemy as sacrilegious sorcery against the twelve(vavaki)

-due to low resources, they tend to send their second or thirdborns away, and they often end up in Eorzean cities become better off than those who stayed in the homeland. (char creation)



-their ancestors came during the age of Endless Frost, crossing the frozen seas to pursue the wildlife they lived off of (char creation)

-very territorial and many lead solitary lifestyles, especially males (char creation)

-most of the Miqo'te who have came to live in Eorzean society are females (char creation)



-nocturnal and lovers of the night, they worship Menphina the Lover, goddess of the moon (char creation)

-traditionally apply warpaint to their faces. believed that the vivid colours give lunar powers (char creation)


Seekers of the Sun

-lean and flexible but incredibly strong and have great stamina. Amazing at almost any physical act. (vavaki)

-male Miqo'te can't seem to be found, but there are rumours that some are in Ul'dah (vavaki)

-prefer the warm light of the sun and as such worship Azeyma the Warden, goddess of the sun (char creation)



-were the original inhabitants of Eorzea (char creation)

-traditionally nomadic (char creation)

-believe Eorzea to belong to them by divine right (char creation)

-long history of conflict with the Hyur when they began arriving, as they saw it as an invasion of sorts (char creation)



-the Wildwood Elzen adapted to the forests in order to fight the Hyur who they saw as invaders stealing their god-given land (char creation)

-have very good eyesight and thus make good archers (char creation)

-have lived in Eorzea's forests for 100s of years (char creation) 900 years to be exact (Prosperlain)

-many left the forests once the Eorzean City States arose (char creation)

-known for innovative genius including developing many of the Gridanian crafts (Prosperlain)

-Diskwights call them Greens for their love of the forest (char creation)



-the Duskwight Elzen hid in the caves and subterrane avoiding any conflict or contact with the Hyur. (char creation)

-called the Greys by the Wildwood due to their preference for darkness and stone (char creation)

-very good hearing making them very aware and good at hand-to-hand combat (char creation)

-some still live in caves but some have turned to robbing people and pillaging (char creation)



The Amalj'aa (Primal = Ifrit)

-lizard like + nomadic (vavaki)

-inhabit the "environs of Paglth'an" north and east of Ul'dah (vavaki)

-mainly survive on hunting (vavaki)

-have almost inexhaustible stamina (vavaki)


The Qiqirn

-have massive appetites (vavaki)

-they eat pretty well anything, even trash (vavaki)

-they will eat until they die ex. stomach bursts, hearts stop, etc... kinda fail lol (vavaki)

-very mathematically smart and good traders and accountants (vavaki)


The Goblins

-never take off their masks (vavaki)

-always have a pack on their back (vavaki)

-they weren't around much but recently began to appear again (vavaki)

-rumoured that every 100 years they make pilgrimages to the cities of man (vavaki)


The Kobold (Primal = Titan)

-live deep in the fiery mountains of O'Ghomoro and worship a primal formed from mud and stone (lauda)

-known to be very pious and consider ores and metals to be manifestations of their primal deity Titan (Merewina)

-have advanced knowledge of smelting and armouring (Merewina)

-were once friendly with the citizens of Limsa Lominsa and were in the city and had jobs (Bango Zango)


The Sahagin (Primal = Leviathan)

-called fishbacks by the Lominsians (Merewina)

-numerous former citizens have joined the, the worst being the Serpent Reavers (Merewina)

-lots of rumours about them in Limsa Lominsa that suggest many people haven't actually seen them (Merewina)


The Ixal (Primal = Garuda)

-sworn enemies of Gridania (Prosperlain)

-live in the secluded canyons and valleys of the eastern reaches of Abalathia's Spine (Prosperlain)

-often breach the hedge looking for food or hunting in the Twelveswood (Prosperlain)

-build ships full of air that let them appear suddenly in great numbers (Prosperlain)


The Sylphs

-speak the language of the trees (Prosperlain)

-lust for blood when the fury is on them (Prosperlain)

-often take people who are disrespecting the forest and the people are never heard from again (Prosperlain)

-while their actions may seem violent they only want to protect the wood (Prosperlain)

-lack a societal structure (Prosperlain) 


God Lore


Halone, the Fury (female)

Element: Ice

Depicted as: a relentless warrioress armed with a bronze greatshield

Symbol: three spears


-Mover and glaciers and goddess of war (char creation)

-Guardian deity of Ishgard (char creation)


-Daughter of Rhalgar (char creation)

-Rival of Nophica (char creation)


Menphina, the Lover (female)


Element: Ice

Depicted as: a maid carrying a round skillet

Symbol: full moon


-keeper of the twin moons and goddess of love (char creation)

-Sister of Azeyma (char creation)

-Divine lover of Oschon (char creation)


-The moon is the embodiment of the goddess Menphina


source: Joldewin


-Dalamund is Menphina's loyal hound and a smaller celestial body that watches over the moon (meteor?)


source: Joldewin


-Dalamand has begun to glow red. Could possibly mean an enemy of the goddess has tried to kill her and dalamund "spilled blood in her defence" (as of sept 2011 event)


source: Joldewin


Thaliak, the Scholar (male)


Element: Water

Depicted as: reserved scholar holding and ashen staff


Symbol: scroll


-ruler of rivers and wisdom and god of knowledge (char creation)

-guardian diety of Sharlayan (char creation)

-father of Llymlaen (char creation)

-teacher of Byregot (char creation)


Nymeia, the Spinner (female)


Element: Water

Depicted as: weaver donning a white, silken veil

Symbol: spinning wheel


-watcher of celestial bodies and goddess of fate (char creation)

-younger sister of Althyk (char creation)


-master of Rhalgr (char creation)


Llymlaen, the Navigator (female)


Element: Wind

Depicted as: strong fisherwoman wielding a long-bladed harpoon

Symbol: the wave


-watcher of seas and goddess of navigation (char creation)

-guardian deity of Limsa Lominsa (char creation)

-daughter of Thaliak (char creation)

-elder sister of Nophica (char creation)


Oschon, the Wanderer (male)


Element: Wind

Depicted as: a carefree ranger wielding a bow of yew

Symbol: walking stick


-ruler of the mountains and god of wanderers and vagrants (char creation)

-brother of Nald`thal (char creation)

-close companion of Halone (char creation)


Byregot, the Builder (male)

Element: Lightning

Depicted as: an ardent smith with a two-headed hammer


Symbol: the hand


-purveyor of architecture and industry, and god of the arts (char creation)

-elder brother of Halone (char creation)

-pupil of Thaliak (char creation)


Rhalgr, the Destroyer (male)


Element: Lightning

Depicted as: a magi carrying a staff of bronze

Symbol: the streaking meteor


-breaker of worlds, and the god of destruction (char creation)

-guardian deity of Ala Mhigo (char creation)

-father of Byregot and Halone (char creation)


-attendant to Nymeia (char creation)


Azeyma, the Warden (female)

Element: Fire

Depicted as: a noble lady holding a golden fan

Symbol: the radiant sun


-keeper of the sun and goddess of inquiry (char creation)

-daughter of Althyk (char creation)

-elder sister of Menphina (char creation)


Nald`thal, the Traders (male)

Element: Fire

Depicted as: a discerning merchant holding a balance

Symbol: the cowry, an ancient shell currency


-overseer of the underworld and god of commerce (char creation)

-the guardian deity of Ul`dah (char creation)

-single manifestation of deific twins Nald and Thal (char creation)


-Thal, one of the twins that makes up Nald'Thal (one of the Twelve) seems to be the god that brings death. Wenefreda asks "Has Thal taken me in my sleep?"


source: Wenefreda


-Nald and Thal are the Twins, also called the Traders. They govern all reality through their two aspects (life an death) and ensure order is maintained.

source: Sinette


-Thal's aspect is that of death and darkness


source: Fyrilsunn


-The Order of Nald'thal teaches that you cross into another realm when you die.

source: Minerva


-Thal's realm (the afterlife) is a paradise. There's no decay or disease, no pain or hunger, and it is the most beautiful place in existence.


source: Gogofu


-To cross over to the real of Thal you have to be "devout of mind - a true follower of Thal"

source: Tutubuki


Nophica, the Matron (female)


Element: Earth

Depicted as: a jubilant farmer holding a scythe of steel

Symbol: the spring leaf


-tender of soils and harvests, and goddess of abundance (char creation)

-guardian deity of Gridania (char creation)

-daughter of Azeyma (char creation)

-younger sister of Llymlaen (char creation)


Althyk, the Keeper

Element: Earth

Depicted as: an austere emperor wielding a mythril greataxe


Symbol: the hourglass


-surveyor of change and space, and god of time (char creation)

-father of Azeyma and Menphina (char creation)

-elder brother to Nymeia (char creation)




-The astral eras see man flourish and prosper whereas the umbral eras see man falter and doubt. Seems like both occur equally, so you get a long astral era then a long umbral era.

source: Dusty Tomes - THM guild


-At some point the Twelve stopped being peaceful and warring with each other. They created life to wage their wars. Since then 6 eras (an umbral and astral per era) have occurred.

source: Dusty Tomes - THM guild


-Sixth umbral era saw heavy rains and rises in sea-level flooding the lands. Once the waters receded the 6th astral era began and man was able to redevelop.

source: Dusty Tomes - THM guild


Limsa Lominsa + La Noscea

Location: Southern coast of the Island of Vylbrand

Guardian Deity: Llymlaen, the goddess of navigation and watcher of seas

Political Structure: Thalassocracy

Leader: The Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn

Economy: driven primarily by shipping

Military: A powerful navy called the Knights of the Barracuda



-Limsa dubbed the Navigator`s Veil by traveling bards who saw her beauty from far off

source: character creation


-A Qiqirn on a voyage to Limsa Lominsa was sniffing everyones baggage and possibly getting into trouble. Crazy Qiqirn.

source: Baby-faced Adventurer, Limsa opening scene ship instance


-According to legend, there was once a great nation with a powerful navy who invaded lands far and wide. But one day an equally powerful navy showed up and attacked their lands. Never having had to defend before they did not know what to do and lost. The fastest ships escaped and were taken by a storm to where Limsa stands today. The ships were badly damaged after crashing into the rocks, so the sailors set up camp which was the precursor to Limsa Lominsa


source: Frithuric


-Seas around Limsa guarded over by a goddess called the Navigator (Llymlaen)

source: Austere Adventurer, Limsa opening scene ship instance


-Reputation for being a "filthy cesspool overridden with pirates and pillagers, wenches and wastrels"

source: Grinning Adventurer, Limsa opening scene ship instance


-The Admiral (ruler of Limsa) is just a pirate with a fancy title


source: kokoto


-The Admiral is appointed by winning a ship race called the Trident

source: Tatasako


-When adventurers were allowed into Limsa, a number of people lost their jobs, and some still feel they will lose theirs.

source: Muscle-bound Deckhand, limsa opening dock instance


-Some in limsa enjoy the business from adventurers

source: Pearly-toothed Porter, limsa opening dock instance


-Mighty Sea Beasts (the leviathan like sea monster you see in the opening Limsa scene) are a rumor or legend but not considered to exist by most in Limsa Liminsa

source: Baderon, limsa opening inn scene


-People have been talking a lot about an enormous sea monster lately but Lominsians don't like to bring it up with adventurers


source: Kakamehi


-Hidden treasure in Limsa rumored to be on a small island called Seal Rock, and only Knights of the Barracuda or Mealvaan's Gate scholars are allowed near there.

source: Baderon, limsa opening inn scene


-Mealvaan's Gate has been sending lots of mages to investigate seal rock

source: Debonair Pirate, limsa opening inn scene instance


-Rumors that seal rock wasn't always there and just appeared one night.

source: Crapulous Adventurer, limsa opening inn scene instance


-Baderon Tenfingers offers some of the best smoked herring prepared fresh every morning. He will only use herring caught from the seas adjacent to bearded rock

Source: Help with the Herring introductory fishing leve


-rumors in limsa that eating raw oysters from the Bismarck restaurant results in "enhanced virility" -cough cough-. As a result there seems to be very high demand for Fresh Oysters.


Source: Vim and Vigor, fishing rank 1 leve


-Large numbers of Ala Mihgan refugees fled to Limsa Lominsa when Ala Mhigo fell to the empire (15 years ago)

source: Sundhimal, 'Winds of Change' quest


-Mealvaan's Gate is the Arcanists' Guild, which acts as a customs house and controls what can and cannot be brought in and out of the city.


source: Haldberk


-Arcanists are needed to examine the cargo from ships, and it takes years of training to become a master Arcanist. they basically have to deal with unknown goods from all over Hydaelyn


source: P'tahjha


-Since Merlwyb became admiral she has doubled the amount of restricted items, creating a lot of customs related problems

source: Thoisbaen


-Kobolds cause problems such as lost shipments and are considered by some to be more of a threat then the Sahagin


source: H'rhanbolo


-The Bismarck (restaurant /culinarians guild) is known throughout Eorzea for exotic cuisine

source: Pulmia


-the coral tower (musketeers' guild) has had a lot of people try to sneak their way onto ships to get to Seal Rock


source: Syhrdaeg


-the coral tower (musketeers' guild) is the headquarters for the Knights of the Barracuda

source: Isaudorel


The Knights of the Barracuda protect the citizens of Limsa Lominsa but not necessarily foreigners

source: Isaudorel


Since guilds began opening their doors to adventurers the quality of goods have been going down


source: F'zhumii


Kobolds once lived in Limsa lominsa and got along with the population fine. but no longer

source: Bango Zango


-The two lighthouses east of Limsa Lominsa are called Llymlaen's ring and Oschon's Torch. The fishing guild maintains them but can't find many volunteers since the Sahagin have been raiding the shores of La Noscea


source: Clifton


-The Red Rooster camp near Bloodshore used to hold cockfights for the pirates, but that led to pirate fights so they stopped holding them

source: Tutumoko


-Wineport tends to get raided a lot because of its location, so its citizens are wary of outsiders


source: Waldibert


-Wineport produces so much wine that it seeps into the soil and underground lakes thus making wells full of wine


source: Syzfrusk




-The Admiral is running a ongoing campaign against the Sahagin

source: R'baharra


-Sahagin's been attacking or in conflict with limsa for 5 years.

source: Baderon, limsa opening inn scene


-Rumours that normal people are joining the Sahagin's (called fishbacks)

source: Duplicitous Trader, limsa opening inn scene instance


-Sahagin -have- contracted normal people/outlaws. These so called "minions of the Sahagin" reside in Mistbeard Cove and are called Serpent Reavers.

source: Chaunollet of the Knights of the Baracuda, 'Revenge of the Reavers' quest


-The Commodore of the Knights of the Barracuda is responsible for taking out the Serpent Reavers and will speak to those who bring them one of their heads


source: Raragun


-The Indigo Deep has become a battle a battlefield between the Sahagin and the Barracudas.

source: Tefh Moshroca


-The Sahagin are not willing to negotiate for peace


source: Tefh Moshroca


-There are supposedly Sahagin in Cassiopeia Hollow

source: Brunadier


-Tha Sahgin's had the Reavers destroy a number of villages along the coast (burning them down) and the only one left is Aleport. They defended their hamlet and the Sahagin haven't returned.


source: Myndeidin


-Aleport had 20 diff breweries at one point but most moved to Limsa due to regular Kobold raids

source: Tsimh Panipahr




-Pirate war going on in Limsa. Rhoswen's (female) Sanguine Sirens vs Carvallain's (male) Kraken Arms. Both want to head limsa as admiral.

source: Baderon, limsa opening inn scene


-The Stormcry is a ship home to a band of pirates who like to chill out in Cassiopeia Hollow. These pirates tend to steal stuff.

source: Haldberk, 'The Customer Comes First' quest


-The Bloody Executioner is a ship captained by Hyllfyr and composed of a band of pirates called the Executioners.

source: 'Shot Through the Heart' quest


-The Misery is a ship run by the pirate gang called the Krakens captained by Carvallain


source: Mharelak


-The Sanguines Sirens are a pirate gang captained by Rhoswen

source: Triaine


-Qiqirn are often brought on ships to sniff out trouble (since they have very keen noses) and since their claws can slice through Sahagin scales.

source: Ighii Moui


Ul'dah + Thanalan

Location: Southern Aldenard in the desert

Guardian Deity: Nald'thal, duality of twins who represent life and death, overseer of the underworld and god of commerce.

Political Structure: Oligarchy

Leaders: The Sovereign Sultana, who is a figurehead. The Syndicate, a council of the six most elite and influential citizens (who essentially control things). The Order of Nald'thal, who creates the laws.

Economy: The Colisium, abundance of minerals, clothcrafting industry, gambling, and acting as a trade hub, make up the main sources of their profit.

Military: ?


-Ul'dah originally was a Lalafell city, and gil attracted the other races


source: Neymumu


-The Arrzaneth Ossuary (thaumaturges) has a waiting list for people seeking their help. But those who pay better and in advance... seem to advance up the list hehehehe wink.png

source: Eleanor, "A Knock in the Night' quest


-Slumber nuts work as a sleeping pill. Nutgrabber marmots like to carry them around.

source: Kukusi, 'Sleepless in Eorzea' quest


-Ul'dah has an environmental action group called the Desert Shade which tries to plant plants in the desert. Sadly dodos like to eat anything green that they see, so this doesn't work to well (which should be quite obvious if you take a step out of Ul'dah)

source: U'bokhen, 'An Inconvenient Dodo' quest


-The Arrzaneth Ossuary uses clasps (or "novice's clasps") to send messages if they are in need of help.

source: Prelate Totono, 'Clasping to Hope' quest


-Nanawa Mines are property of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.


source: Z'ssapa


-Minium, Latex, Black Pepper, and Dragon Pepper, are all exotic and from the far east


source: Gugudi


-The Merchant's ward has education and religious centers.

source: Kokobi


-Ul'dah's laws are created by the thaumaturges of the Order of Nald'thal


source: Lettice


-Sylphs were driven from Ul'dah so that the residents could profit more from the crystal trade. However this opened them up to Garlean danger somehow.


source: Lettice


-Ul'dah lacks resources compared to other nations, but makes up for it in trading. However since the Garleans blocked trade routes, the merchant population has diminished significantly

source : Styrmoeya


-Te Syndicate is a small council of the richest merchants in ul'dah who oversee most of the cities events and affairs.


source: Bertram


-For the past year there have been talks about the Amal'jaa gathering forces to attack Ul'dah (may be wrong about the timing on this one, the grammar was a bit confusing)

source: Vavaki


-People who wear products from Sunsilk (weavers guild) smell divine even when naked >__> or at least certain fashion elitists think


source: Dylise


-Sunsilk Tapestries has a massive sphere of influence across Eorzea since almost everyone purchases clothes and they are the best at them.


source: Aspipi


-The Milvaneth Sacrarium in Ul'dah is a temple to Nald (one of the twins of Nald'Thal of the twelve) who represents the aspect of life (passions and possessions)

source: Anthoinette, Totono


-The quick influx of Ala Mhigans to Ul'dah has resulted in numerous problems such as increasing the amount of filth in the city and leading to increased scams


source: Wyznguld


-Can change the laws of Ul'dah if you have enough gil

source: Peneli Zuneli


-Arrzaneth Ossuary is the temple of Thal


source: Fyrilsunn


-Many poor and underprivileged worship at the Arrzaneth Ossuary (temple of Thal) in hopes that they will have a better afterlife than the life they are currently experiencing.

source: Fyrilsunn


-The wealthy and privileged tend to worship at the Milvaneth Sacrarium (temple of Nald) since they are grateful for what they have in life.


source: Totono


-Ul'dah was split into 2 sections at one point in history to mirror the duality of Nald and Thal. However they merged the parts and prospered as a result.


source: Sinette


-The guild master of Amajina & Sons (Miners' guild) has a reputation for only employing girls he can sleep with

source: C'rhabye


-You can't feel up the dancers in the Miners' guild... but maybe some guys may get around that by gifting a necklace and putting it on the dancer, accidently letting their hand slip?


source: Pierriquet


-Ul'dahns are taught at a young age to read peoples character and are thus the best judges of character in Eorzea. This has a lot to do with avoiding getting scammed and knowing who you can scam.


source: Bouchard


-Lord Lolorito owns Eshtaime's Lapidaries (Goldsmithing guild) but lets the guildmaster yuyune run it.

source: Sungi Kelungi


-Coliseum is called the Bloodsands


source: Lulutsu


-Gambling over the gladiator fights is a norm. And some have gambling problems. (Kinda like irl)

source: X'dhilogo, Vannes


-Criminals are allowed to fight in the Coliseum but they aren't released if they win. Rather they get released if their fight makes enough profit for them to buy their freedom.


source: Galeren


-Ishgard used to ship beasts to fight Gladiators in the Coliseum but that trade has diminished

source: Fineco Romanecco


-There used to be no rails by the Coliseum and spectators would occasionally fall to their death


source: Abylgo Hamylgo


-Tickets to view the Coliseum "games" are only sold to the wealthy


source: Papawa


-Regardless of the feelings of many Ul'dahns towards immigrants, there hasn't been any violence or hatred directed to Ala Mihgan refugees and there is little fighting in the city.

source: Shamani Lohmani


-Many Ul'dahns are inherently racist towards Ala Mihgans and some even suggest that if you were one, you should not tell anyone


source: Berthar


-Ul'dah tends to have -very- high interest rates on loans.


source: Gunulf


-Lominans originally mapped and developed the cross-sea route and the landing port in Thanalan(at Vesper Bay)but the Ul'dahns quickly took control and now charge tariffs on all goods passing through.


source: Taylor


-The Silver Bazaar was once a major waypoint on a trade route from across the seas to Ul'dah, but has since lost that role

source: Iudprost


-The Silver Bazaar has turned into a refuge for Ala Mihgans


source: D'arimbeh


-Clear racial tensions in the Silver Bazaar. Ala Mihgan's feel as if they are looked down upon by Ul'dahns.

source: Agzu Rungu, D'arimbeh


-Clear racial tensions in the Golden Bazaar, Ul'dahns unwilling to buy from Ala Mihgan merchants.


source: Bernier


-Temple to thal just east of the Golden Bazaar in a cave (43-19)... for some reason ghosts and moles spawn here, even though apparently people come here to worship often.


source: Bernier


Gridania + The Black Shroud

Location: Eastern reaches of Aldenard continent

Guardian Deity: Nophica, the Matron, tender of soils and harvests, and goddess of abundance

Political Structure: Theocracy

Leaders: The Seedseers, young oracles who communicate with the forest`s elementals and guide the nation. Kan-E-Senna, eldest of three siblings, is head of the Seedseer Council

Economy: trades based on natural harmony - forestry, agriculture, carpentry and leatherworking.

Military: The Wood Wailers (lancers) , the God's quiver (archers), who protect the forest and act as sentries, often patrolling the woods.


-Area around Gridania is called the Twelveswood locally and the Black Shroud by outsiders


-The Hedge borders the Twelveswood. This is a wall of trees that shine and are said to be created by the conjurers. If anyone damages them it brings on the wrath of the elementals and pretty well gets them killed


source: Basewin


-The Twelveswood protects Gridania and without it Gridania wouldn't be able to survive

source: Blandie


-The Tinolqa popoto is an insanely delicious vegetable that even veggie haters will love. The plant grows just north of tranquil and is a favourite food of the opo-opo's in the area (Popoto-opotos to be specific)

source: Mestonnaux's memorandums, 'A Well-Balanced Diet' quest


-The wood wailers get rid of those who are already in the forest while the god's quiver is tasked with keeping people out of the forest


source: Wybir


**-The Sicksa is a legendary beast of Gridanian folklore. However, no one has been able to confirm its existence until recently.

source: Beli, 'The Search for Sicksa' quest


-It is Hyrstmill tradition to honour a deceased's memory with treehollow brew.

source: Eadbert (a Wood Wailer stationed at Hyrstmill), 'Last Respects' quest


-Bands of Ixal tend to wonder into the Twelveswood and attack Gridanians they come across. The God's Quiver and the Wood Wailers try to hunt them and kill them to prevent them from attacking others. They believe that by doing this they are quenching "the vengeance" of the elementals.

source: O'dhinek of the God's Quiver, 'Hunting the Hunters' quest


-When the elementals of the forest are upset ('their fury is on them') they are a danger to everyone, including gridanians.

source: O'dhinek of the God's Quiver, 'Hunting the Hunters' quest


-The Gridanians see the beast tribes as something completely opposite from them and don't believe they should every try to co-exist or understand them.

source: O'dhinek of the God's Quiver, 'Hunting the Hunters' quest


-Gridania exiles anyone who shows any sympathy or helps a beastman. For example a healer attempted to heal the wounds of an injured Ixal due to "the healers' oath". It seems as if they were exiled for the action.

source: O'dhinek of the God's Quiver, 'Hunting the Hunters' quest


-There are 3 "Seedseers" who occasionally meet in Gridania but usually spend their days in the Twelveswood listening to the elementals. RayOSenna, KanESenna, and ARuhnSenna.

source: Kinnison, Mestonaux, Moshroca, Nellaure, 'Seeing the Seers' quest


-Seers are worried that with so many new adventurers appearing in Gridania, Imperial agents could slip through the borders.


source: Sybell, 'Seeing the Seers' quest


-Seers -may- communicate with the elementals by putting their hands on the bark of the "forest giants" which are probably the largest trees.

source: Nellaure, 'Seeing the Seers' quest


-The Conjurers of Stillglade Fane occasionally hold a "rite of cleansing" which for the most part takes place at the Greatloam Growery. The magic done during this ritual diminishes the greenwrath of the elementals and allows for Gridanians to live in harmony with the Twelveswood. It also purges those attending of woodsin.

source: Mestonnaux, 'Scrubbing the Soul' quest


**-It seems that the Twelveswood is able to summon beasts or some sort of light-based being to ward off those that would damage it (not necessarily elementals).

source: Bardo, 'Scrubbing the Soul' quest


-Seems that Quarrymill doesn't want to let any sylph in. Also seems that woodwailers are kinda blind (possibly cuz of their silly masks) since the one guarding Quarrymill thought I was a sylph for a second ;x


source: Hedheue


-Some people in Gridania are Ala Mihgans and therefore not of the wood, but the elementals let them stay. However the choice as to whether or not someone can stay or go is up to the elementals.

source: Nathaniel


-Wind elementals gather in Quarrymill and make it easier for insects to fly around thus icreasing pollination


source: Evardoux


-Conjurers are the only ones who can help those who have woodsin


source: Nicia


-The Carpenter's Guild takes care of Gridania's children since their parents are usually too busy working or they have lost their parents as a result of the wood or war.

source: zuzupoja


-There is a magic tree stump in the forest, where anything that is placed on it gets fixed shortly after by the moogles


source: Sylbyrt


-Between the forest and the mountains of Ishgard are the Ixal's homelands.


source: Flavielle


-Ixals tend to kill and then run away if they are outnumbered instead of fighting

source: Flavielle


-Gridania acts as a communist-type society. Guilds give each other their goods and only take what they need. So basically everyone shares things and works together.

source: Nonco Menanco


-Some want the aetheryte technology to be used militaristically against the Ixal and Garleans


source: Sybell


-Lily Hills (the zone you can't enter in the North) is where the wealthiest in Gridania live.

source: Eldid


-Gridanians kind of think as Ul'dahns as greedy people who tend not to respect the forest

source: Mestonnaux and others in quests that make random remarks


-The moogles teach Gridanians which trees and grasses can be cut and which fruit and nuts can be picked


source: Cicely


-The Stillglade Fane (Conjurers guild) is sacred ground marked by "theSkyserpent's Egg" a stone sent to Eorzea from the heavens by Nophica the Matron

source: Khuja Zhwan


-The Sylphs conjury magic far exceeds what can be done by the Conjurers of Gridania


source: Foforyo


-moogles first taught man the language of the elementals. Only some have the gift to communicate with them and it requires a lot of training


source: Maroile


-The God's Quiver (Archer guild) seeks to punish anyone who would harm the Twelveswood

source: Nonolato


-The ruins of the deep forest (assuming the broken castle and hole thing near last hold) are the cornerstone of Gridanian history and sacred


source: Eadbert


-Hyrstmill is a haven for Gridanian warriors and they often tend the wounded (mostly archers fighting the Ixal)


source: Comoere


Ishgard + Coerthas

Location: Center-West Aldenard

Guardian Deity: Halone, the fury, mover of glaciers and goddess of war

Political Structure: Theocracy / Holy See (soure: Ermiance)

Leaders: His Holiness, The Archbishop

Economy: Trade with various regions, used to trade a lot more and in various goods including beasts for Ul'dah's Coliseum

Military: Holy Knights


-The Archbishop has closed off Ishgard and is only allowing holy knights to go in and out

source: Odeve


-The gates to the city of Ishgard are called the Gates of Judgement


source: Odeve


-No single person can defeat a dragon by themselves

source: Emerissel


-Citizens believe that those are killed by dragons are granted a special place in Halone's heaven


source: Elde


-Those who do not believe in the fury are not welcome in the Arshibishop's lands

source: Janlenoux


-The waters of Ashpool and Banepool are tainted by the dragons and thus poison man and beast if they drink it


source: Patrick


-Dragons tend to attack airships that pass by

source: Heat of the Moment Faction Leve


-Those living in Falcon's nest do not like outsiders or unbelievers


source: Armantel


-The Archbishop summons those from Falcon's Nest to fight the dragons, and they end up dying doing so

source: Quenburga


-It is the Archbishop's law that you can't look in a dragons eyes, you can't listen to the words of a dragon, and you can't touch the flesh or blood of a dragon.


source: Hubairtien


-Poachers defy the Archbishops edicts and have laid many hunters traps throughout the mountains which have been forgotten about


source: Rickeman


-Ishgardian nobles often go hunting for fox or deer on their chocobos


source: Gaetelle


-The airship landing between the Coerthas and Swiftrun rivers is a favourite target of the dragons from Dravania. Knights were sent to defend it but it didn't help much, so less and less pilots have been willing to land there

source: Ermiance


- The imperials believe that the fury disapproves of those who won't fight the dragons for her. They say she would deem them "as traitorous as the First Dragons"


source: Loloma


The Empire / Imperials


-Imperial's are known to attack whoever they like and "re-educate" anyone that thinks differently from them.

source: Baderon, limsa opening inn scene


-Empires airships create tremors in the Twelveswood as the fly above

source: Khuma Moshroca, 'Seeing the Seers' quest


**-Imperials have committed unprovoked attacks on Ul'dah's passenger airships bringing one down (shooting it with a battle cruiser) in Thanalan. Garlean operatives may then have scavenged the wreckage.

source: 'Quid Pro Quo' quest + Blandhem

-further, the Ul'dah soldiers at camp Black Brush hurried to ships wreckage but there were no survivors


source: Chechedoba


**-Imperials have been damaging the twelveswood, defiling trees and such. They don't seem to have much care about destroying the forest and don't really seem to get the woodsin thing.

source: 'Scrubbing the Soul' quest


**-Imperial operatives have been chilling in the La Noscea region


**-The Empire has a keen interest in preventing the best engineers, machinists and technologists from leaving their lands. Many of these born in Garlemald flee to Eorzea through Ala Mihgo seeking asylm.

source: Mestonnaux, 'Scrubbing the Soul' quest


-Garlemald trading vessels do visit cities like Limsa Lominsa


source: Lilina


-Rumors that the Empire is planning an attack on the primals which they call eikons and which they believe to be nothing more than lesser demons posing as false gods


source: Lauda


-Imperials have attacked and killed people within the Twelveswood

source: Tseh Panipahr

General Lore / History / Miscellaneous

-Aetheryte's are known to break and there is no one in Eorzea that is capable or restoring them once they do


source: Lulumo


-The Allagan Empire spanned across all of Eorzea (maybe further) some 1000 years ago.

source: Rowena


-The Allagan Empire created small round stones with symbols of the Twelve now known as ruinstones. These are being collected through Rowena for a noble in Ishgard.


source: Rowena


-Those caught in the falling star incident in the opening scene of the game are rumoured to have been cursed

source: Kiroa


-Rumours going around that those who saw the starshower in the opening scene are going missing


source: Maunie


-Rumours that those in the area where the falling stars from the beginning of the game fell got turned into sludge.


source: Anene


-There have been 6 umbral eras in the past, but no books detail when then 7th one would be

source: Rosalind


-The ferry between Thanalan and La Noscea was docked for some time and has recently just started running again. -All- ferry routes had been closed on order of the Admiral of Limsa, due to a Sahagin threat (they sunk a ferry ). However the Knights of the Barracuda neutralized it and officially deemed it safe for the lines to be reopened.

source: Sylviel, Lorhzant, Gert


Unknown Lands


Silvertear Lake

-has an imperial presence

source: J'ghonako, 'winds of change' quest


-Incredibly beautiful + can be reached through the desert (although it's a long dangerous journey)


source: Walhbert



-has an imperial presence

source: J'ghonako, 'winds of change' quest


Ala Mhigo


-Guardian Deity is Rhalgr, the Destroyer

source: char creation


-15 years since the Empire razed Ala Mhigo

source: Arthurioux, Sundhimal, 'winds of change' quest



-Homeland to the Highlanders

source: Vavaki


-had a strong army that should have been able to fight off the Garleans.


source: Tyon


-Now a Garlemald stronghold form which their airships/juggernauts are launched




-West of Ishgard in Dravania (map)

-Guardian deity is Thaliak, the Scholar

-the Dravania region is home to dragons who attack / are at war with Ishgard (Ermiance)



Garlond Ironworks

-A collective of scholars and engineers who work together to figure out the secrets of the Empires machina so that the Eorzean city states will have a chance at destroying them.

source: Zanthael, 'Winds of Change' quest



-Established by the adventurers guild to take on the difficult and dangerous job of eradicated the Bombards

source: 'The Heat is On' quest

-Ordered earrings created for adventurers. (rats stole em all though lol)


source: Joldewin


Brass Blades

-located in ul'dah.


The Sultansworn

-located in ul'dah


The Order of Nald'thal

-Thaumaturge organization in Ul'dah which writes Ul'dah's laws.

-Thaumaturge Guild (E'dasshym)

-Seems to be comprised of the Arrzaneth Ossuary and Milvaneth Sacrarium (temples of Thal and Nald)


The Syndicate

-A small council of wealthy leaders who oversee most of the events and affairs in Ul'Dah. their members compose of those who own the Coliseum, the Platinum Mirage, Ehstaime's Lapidaries, and others.

source: Bertram


Tradecraft Society

-Represents multiple associations including the Miners' , Botanists', and and Shepherds guilds.


source: P'ndolobo


Knights of the Barracuda

-Limsa's main navy

-Homebase is the Coral Tower in Limsa (Muketeers' Guild)


The Seventy-seven Caravans

-seems to be a trading organization

-has shops representing different states. (ex. 77 caravans of limsa, 77 caravans of ul'dah)





Hob - Captain of the ship you arrive in Limsa Lominsa on, at the opening Limsa scene

Baderon Tenfingers- owns Mizzenmas Inn

Y'shtola - Mage that saves you on the ship in Limsa Lominsa opening scene

Ahldskyf - Captain of the trading ship Orion



Nicoliaux - A Gridanian child known for playing pranks.

Ronan Kognan - A lalafell seeking deaspected crystals to meet a quota for "the Consortium"



Rowena - A former travelling weapons merchant who is now working for an Ishgard noble. She is trading his collection of arms away for Allagan runestones.

Raubahn Aldynn - appointed Flame General of Ul'dahs Grand Company the Immortal Flames. Former Coliseum champion.



Disclaimer: I strongly suggest you go talk to every npc and discover most of these things for yourself. But if you can't be bothered, here are some cool things to see/do.


-Some NPCs will say different things depending on your current job. Ex. Kiora in the Ul'dah adventurer's guild will tell you about the Marauder guild if you are a MRD, but will talk about the falling stars from the start of the game if you are any other job.


-your garb might be agreeable! maybe you should ask Mammet in the Sunsilk Tapestries (Weaver's Guild) in Ul'dah


-Did you know "The Answer"? Talk to the Mammet next to Qata Nelhaha near the Pugalist guild in Ul'dah


-Side effects may include death!!!? really? Better talk to the Mammet in Frondale's Phrontistery (the Alchemist Guild) in Ul'dah


-Some NPC's say different things to males and females. Ex. Qhota Nbolo in the Miners' Guild says:

See anything you like, adventurerrr? Don't be shy, sweetling,


and then....

for girls: even two ladies can have fun together.

for boys: I won't bite. Unless you want me to.


-Did you know tarus are cute when they fail? Check out Popori in Ul'dah, working hard to be a pugilist and failing hardcore. Caution: Extreme Adorableness


-You can hear how a chocobo sounds if you talk to the one at The Coffer & Coffin, just west of Camp Horizon


-There are chocobo carriages. There are signs for them and they were used in cutscenes so maybe they had intended to implement them? Check one out at the Ferry Docks in Thanalan.


-There is a mentally challenged Galka at the Ferry Docks in Thanalan. His name is Spiraling Path.


-Pet lemmings are -not- allowed to be taken from Limsa Lominsa to Ul'dah. Especially not ones named Scuttles. You may want to speak to a Glowing Goodwife in the customs house right by the Limsa Lominsa docks to confirm this.


-Best Qiqirn impersonation ever? Talk to Fousquenet in West Hawkers' Alley in Limsa Lominsa.


-wanna talk to a goblin? Sweetnix Rosycheeks is hiding under one of the ramps surrounding the Limsa Lominsa adventurers guild


-how many breams? Ask Robairlain in Limsa Lominsa


-Want to talk to a Qiqirn? a bunch are chillin on the Astalicia (Marauders' Guild) in Limsa Lominsa (prepare for immense cuteness)


-The waterwheel outside the Carpenter's Guild runs the circular saw inside the guild.


-Want to read the hymn of Nophica? Talk to Pukiki in Gridania just north of the Carpenter's Guild in the cave/tunnel


-Yes there are religious extremists in this game, go talk to Swaenhylt in Gridania or explore Ishgard and hear about the Archbishop


-Want to hear a bugle/horn? A taru by the name of Bubudoga in Owl's Nest plays one every 30 seconds or so. Go have a listen


Confusing / Questons


-O'pondhao says if you head north out the gate of Nald you will come in contact with the Amalj'aa. Where are they if you go north? O.o. (I'm guessing bluefog but i don't remember seeing any openly spawn there)


-In the Silver Bazaar, Padaku Sondaku says the market's closed for now, but Celie says that you can find whatever you want there for sale and fair prices and that merchants are happy to deal with them.


-Bruandier at camp bloodshore says there are bandits and Sahagain in Cassieopeia Hollow, but there aren't any


-Prosperlain says ixal are from eastern Abalathia's spine which means they aren't from the black shroud and from northwest of Ishgard just south of the farreach, but Flavielle says between the forest and the mountains of Ishgard are the Ixal's homelands. So does that mean Abalathia's spine extends -all- the way east and south?



The game is -full- of references to real life popular culture. So here are a few, and I challenge you to find some more!


'Sleepless in Eorzea' quest - Sleepless in Seattle? (movie)


'An Inconveniant Dodo' quest - An Inconvenient Truth (book/movie)


Eorzean Geographic (mentioned in 'In the Name of Science' quest) - National Geographic (magazine)


Save The Lettuce, Save The World levequest - "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" (heroes tagline)

Thanks to those who helped out and contributed:

Aelita Lilly of Wutai for helping determine that some NPC's say things to diff genders

AdvancedWind / Ashley Zeibal of Istory for pointing out that the Ixals primal is Garuda

Aion / Aion Ishvala of Istory for the Save The Lettuce, Save The World reference


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Seeing some of this dialogue, it makes me wonder if I should form a committee of players who would be willing to type out (or copy/paste if it shows up in a log) every single quest, including dialogue, journal and any important motions in a cutscene and post it somewhere...


Eorzepedia was a good wiki, but I found it lacking in several places.

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I've suggested some people ban together to do something like that and got no takers. The new wiki will be updated with pretty much as in depth info as we know, but once 2.0 comes out everything will need updating.

So if you or anyone else is interested it would be super helpful ^-^


Also thanks to the OP I can run through this and compare notes for our wiki :)

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Well, going over all these notes. I hate to say it but... Some of the things listed on it are dated and have been confirmed to be false. An example would be the sea creature in the opening cutscene for Limsa is actually just a normal sea serpent and -not- leviathan.


However, there were a few interesting snippets in there that was new and refreshing. Definitely worth keeping on the side to compare notes to. Thanks a bunch for this and if you find anything more, don't be shy to post it! Every little bit helps! ^^

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