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  1. Done. Bumping thread so it gets more attention.
  2. Well this is my take on it. I know it's a stretch but I think Yugiri hid her identity more because she was a power of influence over the Doman people. When the Domans came to Eorzea, there were people (Garleans namely) that wanted her. Hiding her identity was probably a safer course of action while she tried to make alliances with the nations of Eorzea. Not so much because of her race but more because if the Domans lost her then they'd take another huge blow to what little was left of their small nation. Who's to say she never took off her hood when talking with other diplomats when we we
  3. I feel like it's the Miqo'te male and Hilander/Roegadyn female ordeal all over again. They -probably- were around but since the race wasn't made in-game yet, we never saw them. I could be wrong but it really feels like it's the same thing again. So if somebody wanted to say they were an Au Ra hanging out in Eorzea all a long? Then do it, I guess? I don't think anybody would really give a toss?
  4. Named already whyyyyyy Apparently from tidbits about them we know they're gonna have a European-inspired naming convention. I have 10 bucks on russian. We have links to these tidbits? I'm dying for AuRa lore. It's not much but here you go. Fernehalwes: Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in and give a tiny update on the Au Ra. I'm still not allowed to reveal a lot (under punishment of defenestration...and we're on the 18th floor), but here are three things I can tell you: 1. What is the official pronunciation of Au Ra again? Those of you who've
  5. Are you looking to clear?: No, I'm just here to help. What time is good for you?: Any day, any time except for Sunday afternoons. Timezone?: Central. (CST) What role do you wish to take?: BLM/SMN preferred but can easily Scholar any content if needed as healer. Job Item levels: 116 BLM/SMN, 110 SCH I have cleared all turns of second coil and EX primals numerous times and often help people get clears regardless of the occasions. I saw this thread and thought I'd help offer a hand in getting people their clears.
  6. Got Soot Black this morning. I'm pretty pleased with how my feathered friend turned out. I'll admit I did a lot of guess work with it. I tried following the chart but I ended up all over the place. Wine Red to Deepwood Green with One feather proc? (What the heck!?) But from there I just gave him two valfruit and he popped out Soot Black.
  7. I never did get that butt...
  8. Eh, it's been awhile since I posted but I figured I'd chime in about the BLM relic since you were doing this little project. Granted that this is a copy-pasta of a post I did in the past; this pretty much explains that there are multiple Star Dust rods in the world of Eorzea. The Stardust Rod actually has multiple copies. In the Sixth Umbral Era, After Shatotto brought down a star(Meteor), she actually made multiple Stardust Rods using the remnants of that very star. During the Relic Reborn quest, Gerolt goes on to say that Shatatto was prone to huge fits of boredom and making staves was
  9. I really just want to see and play Puppetmaster again. The job was so unique in FFXI. Loved the concept and style that came with it. It may of been expensive as all hell but once you got a hold of all the parts and attachments for the automaton, you could fill any and all rolls while putting a lot of the real classes to shame. It was probably the most unique pet job I had ever played in an MMO. Puppetmaster's strength was in its ability to mimic other jobs with its pet while the master itself was like a pseudo Pug/Mnk. So in a sense, it was like what FFXIV's Summoner is now, only the mast
  10. I was more referring to the Mamool Ja being a new entity added into the mix since the Calamity. We don't really know much about them, other than that they came across the seas and are apparently known for their work as mercenaries. We've only seen a few that are presumably friendly, of course. Lore-wise, Qiqirin and Goblins have long since been integrated into Eorzean society. More-so in Limsa Lominsa and Gridania than Ul'dah, however, as the sultanate has a beef with beastmen. Both Qiqirin and Goblins are fairly common-place in the city-states, though. You'll see them peddling their ware
  11. I always felt this song fit well for Gospel despite the strange name. It has an odd sense of sadness to it, yet it still manages to be warm and welcoming, much like the character. Hope you all enjoy it. :blush:
  12. I'm actually going to chime in and have to correct this. The Stardust Rod actually has multiple copies. In the Sixth Umbral Era, After Shatotto brought down the star, she actually made multiple Stardust Rods using the remnants of that very star. During the Relic Reborn quest, Gerolt goes on to say that she was prone to huge fits of boredom and making staves was one of her favorite hobbies. The Stardust Rods were her most finest pieces of work and were given only to her most loyal of followers. It's just over the years, many were lost to the ages for various reasons and in the Relic Reborn ques
  13. I played 1.0 from start to shut down. I got all classes 50 including the crafting and gathering jobs. I prefer to play as mage classes when tackling content though. I also completed every piece of content in 1.0 including all the quests and battle content, (Darnus hard, Ifrit Extreme etc) and I currently am in possession of 3 relics. Stardust Rod, Thyrus and Artemis Bow. I also have a handful of Darklight and other trinkets. http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/rc/character/status?cicuid=2811832
  14. I guess I'll throw a few of my character into the mix. On an unrelated note and as an added bonus, I made David Bowie.
  15. Gospel has always been a gifted doll and clock maker since as long as he can remember. His manor and libraries staff is almost completely ran by mammets. It's something he takes a ton of pride in. As an off-shoot of his hobby though, he always had a knack for making toys like stuffed animals and other little things. In ARR I kind of wanted to express his toy making hobby a bit by making some of the minions IC. I'm still not fully sure how he'd put it to use, but I always felt that it could open up some interesting and heartfelt RP. :blush:
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