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Any guidance to a light RPer?

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As the title suggest (and I'll explain more below) I'm a very light ropleplayer and I just recently re-subbed after a few months.  I've been REALLY busy with life and all that fun stuff but decided to resub..but well I've frankly had the hardest time having any drive to even do the new content, but I'm like "I re-subbed, I need to do SOMETHING." I RPed with my old FC but it was only off and on, but  I honestly LOVED it. However that FC has since closed and I'm trying to figure out where to go.  I'm so so at best at RP but I enjoy it. But I can't be on very often so finding a group or people to RP with can be tricky for some like me that can only RP lightly and casually from time to time. I guess my point in coming here is to see if there are others like me and or anyone that knows of a good group that isn't TOO hardcore for a scrub like me who can't spend much time in game. 


I've read through a few threads and noticed everyone here is super welcoming and warm, so I figured I could maybe make some connections here :)


Also, my small thread on my character is super outdated and was when was very first starting to rp, so it is a hot mess. I'll update it eventually lol. 


Thanks to any one who can help me out a little!

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So, couple of things definitely worth giving a try.


- Walk up RP - Walking up to a total stranger in an RP hub while effective, could be hit or miss, you don't know if you're going to get quality RP, or something unwanted entirely.


- The RPC - Some of the best, and lasting friendships I have made ingame started right here on the RPC. You can see what kind of person folks are by the posts they make, along with the fact that a good portion of folks here have a wiki for their characters. The stories they may write in the Town hall can also give you insight into their RP style and whether you could learn a thing or two from them. The RPC is an excellent resource if want to make a mental list of folks you want to stalk... err.. RP with!


Follow that up with a PM to someone on that mental list asking if they'd like "meet" For instance...



To: Steel Wolf


Subject: I was wondering if you'd like to RP sometime.


Hey, I really like your character, and the (concept/story/wiki) behind them. I was wondering if you'd like to RP sometime in the near future?


That cool guy,




Now I used Steel Wolf as an example here but you get the Idea. (Seriously though Steel, we need to RP, hit me up sometime.)


- Linkshells - I'm sure you know all about these, and that they are a good way to gauge an individual. The RPC has an actively kept list of LS's that you might want to look into right...  >Here!<  Or you can click the Linkshells tab at the top of the page.


- Events - Every Saturday evening (depending on timezone) there's an event right outside of Ul'dah at Fesca's Wash called the Grindstone. Despite changing hands and here and there it's been going on since since right after release. I couldn't tell you how many Rp'ers attend anymore lets just say it's alot, but whether as a participant in RP combat or as a spectator it's worth taking a look.


All jokes aside. Those are some of the best things you can do to get started.

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Thanks Gharen, I really do appreciate you taking time to type that whole thing up. RP is a blast, but I found my self like "Okay, now that I've been out of it for a while AND lost the group and plot we were doing, I've got to restart." 


I'll certainly try a couple walk ups and also investigate some FCs on my own accord when I'm able. Nothing ventured, nothing gained they say. 


Thanks again, and if any one else opts to comment - I'll be grateful.

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I want to go out on a limb and say most any RP FC with a plot going would be absolutely fine with your light RP, and even limited online capability so long as you have an IC reason for not being around. MMM, I hope that doesn't sound mean. An IC reason for not being around for events would be good because that way their characters could know why your character isn't there and still have a reason to include him when he is around... does that make sense?


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