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The Mythril Blades [EU/NA]


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[align=center]Company Report: Watchdogs[/align]


[align=justify]Three members of the company ventured out today after taking on a levequest on behalf of the Adventurers guild of Ul'dah. They found themselves requested to locate and eliminate a pack of 'Jackals' which had been attacking trains during their journey from Western Thanalan to the Central Thanalan Depot. Upon arriving at the site of the previous attack it was discovered that there was more of a 'Human' element involved then first suggested.


Following the trail they eventually stumbled upon two workmen on the line; despite appearing friendly and well meaning, it was ultimately confusion on behalf of one of their conspirators that they were ousted as a small gang. Calling themselves 'The Jackals' they were mid way through preparations to try their hand at robbing the shortly due train.


As the Jackals attempted to flee two found themselves run down or captured whilst a third; at the expense of his comrades made good his escape. No charges could be detonated and during the combat the targeted train passed obliviously by.


Handing over the captured Jackal to the Stone Torches of Black Brush Station the trio of Blades collected their reward; gaining an additional bonus as the train in question had been carrying goods on behalf of the Goldsmiths Guild of Ul'dah.





A successful Levequest with a few minor scratches to show![/align]

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[align=center] What's going on?[/align]


[align=justify]The Company finds itself in pursuit of an Ala Mhigan Lancer of old, one who is attracting a large bounty through the Grand Companies 'Hunt' scheme with the possibility of Ala Mhigan loot being nearby. It promises to be a difficult hunt though, elusive and presumably a powerful foe.


We've a slow trickle of new faces joining the Company, with a fairly even split between our Associate Members and Full members (Those who join the Linkshell and those who join the FC itself ingame). For those unaware ICly the only difference between the two is if you desire accomodation in the estate. (EG: Dem Mechanics)


Activity wise things so far can be expected from around 7pm UTC+1 up until around midnight for the most part, with our American members taking things into the early hours for us EU folk. As our members grow this obviously will shift and change but is expected to remain fairly similar to what it is now. Events are sitting around the 8-9pm mark for start times.


A reminder on our application process; the only requirement to join is to pass the in character interview with Odile, Avelyn or Scarlet. Although Scarlet does make sure to meet every new face! This is inclusive for both the Linkshell and FC.




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[align=center]What's going on?[/align]






The Company continues on their first Hunt in the region of Thanalan, pursuing a lancer of great skill and considerable threat to justify an A rank rating with the Immortal Flames. Several events so far have focused on locating their elusive foe, with the company members left to make all the decisions regarding their approach and how they intend to handle it. This in turn has lead to a few encounters with shady and infulential people alike as they draw ever closer to their target.


We've also been involved in the Sea Breeze Bazaar Event to which one of our members was the proprieter, offering up the services of our members to assist in the facilitation of the event which resulted in some great roleplay all round! Although that chat scroll was challenging at times. Thank you for all those who also attended to make it such a great success.


Our recruitment continues at a steady pace, with new faces slowly trickling in through into both full membership and linkshell positions for NA and EU timezones. Over the last couple of days we've seen two new faces appear. All without a single application filled out, for those unaware the Mythril Blades has an IC interview and thats all! Fire a tell to Scarlet Heath, Odile Delacroix or Avelyn Firestone ingame.


Overall plenty of things to look forward to in the future, especially with our current plotline beginning to expand and present more opportunity for people to shine in.




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[align=center]What's going on?[/align]


[align=justify]After some failed attempts to solicit information by flirting the Company eventually has managed to locate its elusive prey; with a bit of luck their encounter should happen in the near future as all members have been preparing for the final confrontation. What next after that however?


Well, one could say the Mythril Blades might be heading to a more 'Seaside' locale for their next job; or perhaps it might be somewhere much further North in the cold snows. Either way as part of our efforts to keep things flowing and people involved our 'Main' plot shifts monthly, keeping us exploring Eorzea and all our members involved. When we've grown a sufficient amount that a singular ongoing quest or hunt has too many people attending to be feasible we'll expand this to two.


In other news we appear to be lacking users of aether in the form of Thaumaturges, Conjurers, Arcanists and dare I even say a Black mage possibly? Any of those seeking employment should definitely seek out the Blades as we're in need! Afterall tearing down wards and firing off powerful spells from a distance is something we could really use.[/align]


[align=center]So that sums up the most recent update, we look forward to seeing you all about, don't be afraid to pop by![/align]

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[align=center]The Breaker - Broken[/align]


[align=justify]And so the Company fell upon the lair of the Corpse Brigade; or rather the ruins just before as they alerted sentries to their arrival. First encountering a Thaumaturge adorned in ornate armour, the group dived in and out of cover as a variety of magicks detonated around them. Fire lashed out at the pillars they sought refuge behind whilst Ice rained down from the sky. Initially their attacks were unsuccessful; having failed to bring any form of ranged combatant to assail their foe, who had positioned himself beyond arms reach until the group took to throwing the masonry itself to dislodge him.


Only with him on ground level did he find himself meeting the sharp end of a spear as a tri-pronged head ripped through his body. Yet they were not afforded rest as their target, Leofric known as the 'Breaker of Bones', a Captain of the Corpse Brigade sat waiting for their attention.


Throwing caution to the wind one of the group saw it apt to charge; finding himself easily outmaneuvered and tossed about by the Lancer with decades of experience under his belt who promptly punished the reckless action. Moving around him as no less a mirage Leofric inflicted a series of scathing wounds before dashing into the rest of the group.


The combat that followed was no less bloody or chaotic; the lancer twisting and turning through almost every member of the party and living true to reasoning behind his declaration as an 'A' Rank Hunt. With almost every strike he appeared to dodge, parry or turn it against his attackers, impaling some on their own weapons or turning what seemed like certain defeat into a punishing series of wounds for his assailants.


Attacks did however pass through his guard; surrounded from every side he eventually began to absorb ever increasing amounts of damage before there were simply too many to avoid altogether. Blacking out from an unexpected strike to his head he regained consciousness for long enough to drive his lance through a party member one final time before he met his end. Impaled on the end of a Dragoons lance. A result the Ishgardian's would no doubt of wished for the Autumn war.


The victory was Phyrric at best, almost every member of the party lay near dead or wounded yet his head was secured and the hunt complete; a grand reward which some might expect will be spent on medical supplies consequently. [/align]



[align=justify]And with that we tie up this months plotline! A memorable event to which the cost in blood was rather high; if anything it was surprising no one died (Although a couple were close!) but either way the job was done and it highlighted a few things we need to work on ICly.


What's in store next month then? Well we'll have our next plotline kick off at the end of next week (Hopefully) or maybe a little bit earlier which will take us away from Thanalan and into another region or two for its duration. We're working on a fairly simple combat system to remove the RNG'ness a little bit. We've contemplated instigating maybe the Fate-14 System or similar but at the same time some of our members may not be interested so we've opted on compromise. Watch this space(soonTM).


We're also looking at putting together a weekly community event which is more open to the rest of the realm, whilst we love people popping by or running into us during jobs something to give a more regular reason to pop by would be good.[/align]


So stay tuned; meanwhile recruitment remains open and here is a picture of maybe the next locale? [/align]




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[align=center]What's going on?[/align]




The Mythril Membership have kept themselves busy with various events. Whereas not organised for the Free Company alone, Avelyn Firestone and Odile Delacriox have pushed a couple of community events instead! After all, the Mythril Blades are firm believers that you don't need to be in one Free Company for serious roleplay, and wish to push that change onto Balmung's mentality. How better by making community events after all![/align]




[align=left]Last weekend we had the pleasure of helping out at Odile's Sea Breeze Bazaar event, this time hosted within the Shroud! Various merchants of different Free Companies, or just people without a tag attached to their name, showed up to sell their wares. From jewellery being sold by an Auri merchant, to potions being sold by a Thavnairian alchemist, there was plenty to be seen and bought!


It was lovely to see so many roleplayers together of different walks, and the future roleplay opportunities created due to it.


Feel like you missed out on something? Worry not, Odile and co will be hosting another Sea Breeze Bazaar event next month. As always, you can contact her for more information: Either ingame, or trough the Sea Breeze Bazaar's tumblr page. Merchants are always welcome![/align]


We thank you all for coming to the Sea Breeze Bazaar, even if it is not a Free Company focused event.





The weekend before that, a handful of the Blades gathered at the

Ala Mhigan Resistance Meeting, hosted by Avelyn Firestone.


There were various speeches, some focused more on the importance of retaking Ala Mhigo for Eorzea as a whole, others had a more religious touch to it, such as one of the speeches who was provided by Mistalv Arroway. Other speeches were done on the fly, and even a generous offer of a free meal and sleeping place for refugees was offered to the audience.


Once more, despite it not being a Free Company event, but many of us having invested in this regardless, we thank you all for coming, and we hope to see you next month at the next Resistance/Ala Mhigan focused event!

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[align=center]What's Going On?[/align]



[align=justify]Last night saw the company undertaking a short notice leve aptly named 'A Void to Behold'! Tasked with recovering an antique casket that had recently been excavated from deep within the Sagolii Desert of Southern Thanalan. Assembling at the Forgotten Springs they received the details of the duty from the Company Master; before heading South following a poorly scribbed map to locate their prize.


Arriving to find the piled corpses of the mercenaries who had previously guarded the camp and the second batch to whom had come to investigate the former's disappearance it was soon revealed that a sinister figure was responsible for it all.










[align=justify]Sat atop the piled bodies was a Lalafell Necromancer of considerable ability. Swiftly demonstrated as corpses flew like rag-dolls to shield her from blows and with a thrust of her stave into the air the Darkness overtook the area in a dome like creation. From the terrors of the void came Gargoyles clawing their way into reality, fueled by the resonant aether from the masses of freshly killed corpses.


Turning their weapons on the emerging voidsent the group quickly put them back to their reality; hacking and slashing them back into the portals they were still emerging from. In the meantime a trio had attempted to attack the Necromancer directly, finding them assailed by flying corpses, crackling bolts of lightning and finally a challenge issued directly by what appeared to be a woman behind the robes and stave.[/align]







They were challenged to fight a construct made from the very casket they were sent to recover, rock twisted and reformed into a human like visage twenty fulms high and the emeralds, rubies and sapphires embedded in the ornate object formed weapons and eyes for the beast.


[align=justify]Yet they were undeterred, laying into the construct with vigor before it had even finished forming as it was forced to its knees and onto the defensive from a barrage of attacks both from Knights & Dragoons. Yet it was not bested easily as its weapons swept through the air with unnerving speed, manipulating into a Warhammer and swiping a Dragoon from the sky and almost crushing another.


It was during this the bravest, or were they the most foolish? Of the group attempted to assail the Necromancer who was behind a swirling blood shield. Tearing through it only to be met with the hovering weapons of the deceased sellswords waiting for them. One by one the weapons tore through his body whilst others were narrowly deflected by sheer force of will or shields. Alas the Necromancer sat untouched on her throne of bodies.


Eventually after some friendly fire and narrow misses however the Construct was bested and the Necromancer allowed them the prize which they sought. In one last show of strength the dead rose around the group as ice bound them in place, a reminder to accept their prize and depart before they faced a much greater threat!





Many thanks to those who attended last night! Both FC, Linkshell & Friends! Many thanks to Virella for grabbing much better screens than I too.

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[align=center]What's Going On?[/align]




Its been a slightly slower month in the Blades; although you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise!




We've welcomed several new members to our ranks of various origins and abilities, adding a little more variety to the company. Although we are still rather short on the magic users front! For our Storytelling team its my pleasure to announce two new souls have taken up the mantle to support myself; allowing us to the ability to handle higher turnouts or just keep a regular pace going around other commitments!




The Hovel has received a remodel downstairs in the bar area to take advantage of a few new items and mix things up a little. There is now more space and hideaways for people to come visit us. Which we are never to turn down guests provided we're not out on a job! For other house related things a few new additional shared rooms have appeared for those looking to train or get a good nights rest.


On the mechanics front we've begun trialing a new roll / character progression system which from initial events has been a great success. Removing a bit of RNG and letting our members abilities and skills influence their rolls more consistently! Its lightweight and non time consuming system which will be a great asset.






[align=center]This months main event featured actually three events at the same time. The Blades were divided up into groups and dispatched to three different regions of Eorzea to complete their respective tasks![/align]


One group made their way to La Noscea where they involved themselves in some pirates plunder; before meeting an unusual type of adversary in the form of a Zombie Kraken! No less than expected they drove the creature off to complete their task. Although this short summary may not /quite/ give the best idea of the hoops they had to jump through to achieve it!


Another group made their way to Eastern Thanalan in the pursuit of abducted Goldsmiths Guild members. With some guile (Or lucky rolls) they talked their way through most of their adversaries before finishing off the rest with their weapons. Rescuing those in the process and taking a hostage to interrogate.


And lastly but by no means least. A trio went to the rescue of a Trader locked in a basement beset by voidsent. Overcoming the confusion of the situation and the unusual environment they found themselves in the beast was slain and the man rescued. With considerable bonus added to their reward for a job well done.




[align=center]With that; this What's Going On? post is concluded! Exciting times ahead as we go into Autumn. We're looking forward to reaching out to some other Free Companies to involve them in our meddlings. Many thanks to our members and associates who've been active and supportive.


Onwards and Upwards![/align]



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[align=center]What's Going On?[/align]



So its been a while since we've posted an update but we're still kicking about. After concluding our most recent plot line we've been kicking back with events that pursued particular niché's we wished to explore before diving into our next plot line. (And its looking like a good one at that, not that I'm bias at all.)


The Company has grown steadily since our last update despite a few departures; we've added some fine members to our ranks and they've gotten themselves stuck in from the word go which is always an advisable way to join a company! From in character discussions and feedback we've obtained a few tweaks have been made to the way the Blades conduct their jobs.


OOCly we've been fiddling with our DM'ing system to work out some quirks that made particular stats rather overpowered or far too situational. We're also in the process of creating our own forums for plotting and archiving purposes; fear not our recruitment process remains entirely IC (With the exception of 2-3 OOC questions) which to our knowledge makes us the only Free Company to do so. As it'll be used for internal purposes only you'll have to join to take a peek at it!


Here is to a Happy Halloween & some 2spooky4u events to come! Did you know its only 58 days til' Christmas? :dazed:

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[align=center]What's Going On?[/align]







This Halloween (And also a bit of Bonfire night) the Mythril Blades found themselves dispatched to the far reaches of La Noscea following an urgent request to secure what was rumoured to be a small piece of the fallen moon Dalamud. Not the sort to turn down a well paying task which on paper looked nothing more than a snatch and grab the Blades assembled and made their way to the location.


Upon arriving the assembled found themselves in a rather bemusing situation; before them in a sizzling pool sat the fragment in a decorative case as around it a party was in full swing. Many dozens of seemingly harmless party goers under the influence and an obese man wearing a chocobo suit being carted round by enslaved bombs on a (barely) floating bench stood between them and their prize. Plus tens of armed guards.


After some careful questioning they learned that this was in fact a party to celebrate the calamity and the intentions were to fire the fragment into a distant mountain to commemorate the fall of the moon; slightly fazing the Blades present.


Withdrawing they established a cunning plan to seize the fragment; utilising the usual methods of Ala Mhigans causing trouble (In an amazingly theatrical performance), Ishgardians looking down on others(And missing the seemingly impossible to do so shots) and infiltration even a Doman would be hard pressed to match. Sowing chaos among the party goers they snatched the fragment and made their escape in the ensuing panic; given an incredibly slow chase by the chocobo man as they did.


Alas the Halloween event came to a close; but perhaps this may lead to slightly more serious repercussions in the future? [/align]




(The scrub I am, I took no screenshots during the event so instead find a random one)



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Due to an influx of new members in both the Linkshell and Free Company, an In Character shift regarding the leadership of the Company, the Mythril Blades are closing recruitment for the time being. We want to prioritise getting our LS and FC members get properly involved with the Free Company's story before adding more.


Also, we like to thank Scarlet Heath for the time with us as our main DM and our In Character Free Company leader. So where does that leave the rest of the Mythril Blades with them stepping down? Fear not! Odile Delacroix took over the reins as the Free Company leader, and Erioch Koren will step in as our new main DM.


In any case, it won't be a thing what will take months to handle! But for the coming weeks, we won't be accepting new members to either the Linkshell or Free Company. Exceptions will be made for friends of Free Company (members) for the time being, but that is the only one we are willing to making.


However that does not mean you aren't free to come roleplay with us or inquire about the Blades. We will be opening again once we feel our new members are settled in well enough.


Thank you for your understanding!


~ The Mythril Blades officers

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After we gave people plenty of time to settle into the Free Company, we decided to open our recruitment once more.


Do you like having event(s) in the weekend on EU reasonable times? Do you still want your own freedom regarding roleplay? Do you like socialising on Discord? Do you enjoy doing the occasional PvE content together? We might just be the Free Company for you!


Don't hesitate to contact Avelyn Firestone, Odile Delacroix or Erioch Koren in game!

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[align=center]Recruitment Temporary Halted![/align]


Due to getting several applications, the Mythril Blades will be halting our recruitment for an unforeseen time to take care of the application processes going on currently. We want to ensure our potential new members get introduced smoothly to the Free Company after all.


[align=left]If you contacted us already before this message? Worry not, we will get back to you about joining the FC!


Still feel free to inquire if you wish so, but we cannot guarantee we can give you and your character an interview at this current point and time. We may open within a couple of days again, week, a month or longer. And as always, friends of Free Company members may get a free pass for an interview depending on the situation; because we hardly want to exclude your friends or significant other after all.[/align]


Thank you for your understanding.


[align=left]~ The Mythril Blades Leadership


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