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Okay It is Time... The Aurora Aura Character Thread

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I think its time to Laid bare all my details, notes and everything else I wrote down about my RP character and lay my intentions also bare


  • First off the reason for this was simply to have a backstory, something IC to explain most of the things I did In-Game that intention never changed and as a result will be centered around Aurora as the Warrior of Light. At this point I expect most to ignore this thread and post somewhere else, and I wouldn't blame you.

  • In spite of this, I am considering creating a second continuity, one where Hydealyn chose someone else as her champion, and consequently one more mundane for the purposes of Group RP. Both start the same but will end up diverging shortly after her visit to Ul'dah (Labeled "Singleplayer" and "Multiplayer" respectably). I will mark stuff that I know will not work there in Red (well a pinkish red). But the purpose of this thread to making her characterization consistent for the Continuity where she is the WoL. After reading a certain user's link I feel like this type of RP is more of a test of "Darlinghood", as well as a chance to start with the basics. When I do decide on a group RP this I'll made a different thread in Making Connections



Now that we got that outta the way I'm ready to post:



  • Name: Auaura “Aurora” Aura

  • Clan/Race: Dunesfolk Lalafell

  • Age: 19 by A Realm Reborn. 21 by Heavenward, 23 by [4.0]

  • Height: 2’8 fulms

  • Gender: Female

  • Guardian: Byregot, the Builder

  • Place of Birth: Sharlayan Colony (Dravania)

  • Current Residence: Ishgard


Appearance: Purple hair with magenta highlights in pigtails. A Green and Violet eye each. Stars on her right cheek. Wears either animal-inspired, cute or Allagan inspire clothing, mostly the former two. Dislikes covering her pigtails or face and instead opts for circulets and other forms of headgear on her forehead when possible, often concealing the gemstone embedded on it. Will also wear headbands sometimes. (BLM Outfit is the Wolfliege coat/boots/gloves with a simple black skirt and a Asuran Hachigane, everything but the skirt is purple. AST outfit is the Swanliege gear with a Cashmere skirt and the Bunny pumps, all yed a metallic Cyan. Weapons are the Allagan Replicas, died in the same colors as the outfits)



Info derived from in-game choices



  1. The Ring of Fortitude: The answer of one of the few things in the game that asks what your motivations are. An answer of power, Though whether it is martial, political, monetary or a combination of all 3 I want to keep ambiguous, though the next thing will be a big clue

  2. Trying to get all Jobs to 60 (and Crafting Classes): In other words, a Jack of All Trades, though not as "Master of All". She aims to learn about various Jobs and Arts on her quest for power and eventually master them over many summers (Primarily after the Dragonsong War). Because as of this post all the DoWs at in the mid 30s, the DoMs are at 60 and the DoH are at 53-54, I feel like making her more Magically inclined (To add, the Job she is most skilled at is BLM) Being proficient in Black Magic and Astromancy, and merely dabbling in the other arts during 3.0.
  3. The use of Allagan weapons (And the Crimson/Royal gear) as Glamour: This is more for fun, but In relation to the above she would be trying to make Allagan research her forte, seeing it like how some would see a city with similar aesthetics, a futuristic Utopia, only for revelations in the Crystal Tower and later, the Coils and Azys Lla to shatter that image. Despite this, she still thinks the use of Allagan magitech would still benefit the realm, provided they are not powered by false idols, deified dragons and other things capable of sentience and calamity. As a result considering a membership into the Sons of Saint Coinach when she retires from adventuring.

  4. “Who, What ARE You?”: The events of Azys Lla has her questioning if she is becoming a Primal or other type of deiform entity, which is not helped by Sephirot’s and Calistoferi’s comments. A consequence of this is an increased interest in the Coils, Alexander and the Warring Triad.
  5. Byregot, the Builder: Prior to her adventuring career, she took to Thailak like most of her kin. However with her recent achievements, compulsion to help those in need and a little dabbling in the arts, she began seeing herself as metaphorically as a builder of bridges. As a result, of the Twelve, Byregot is the one serving as her guardian, while her desire of researching the Allagans and history in general caused her to attract a little interest from Althyk.


Dislikes (People): I'm actually not posting the whole list becuase most of these are NPCs that I;m sure were supoosed to be hated anyway and are too relevant to the Canon for "Multiplayer" use. The One exception is...

  • The Bilbiothecs: The ruling party of Sharlayan, an elitist caste that thinks knowledges must be kept within the borders and willing to demonize good people like Louisoux for thinking that those beneath them are worthy of knowledge and life. She took great pleasure in helping Leveva and Jaunnequinard blackmail their leader and culling the forum’s influence on the spread of knowledge.


Dislikes (other Nouns and concepts):



  1. Related to her fear of being more metaphysical or divine as the Warrior of Light, she doesn't like it when others consider her a mere weapon to point at the Primals and Garlemald.
  2. While she appreciates the now snowy Coerthas, the bile and repulsive Aurum Vale is not included. She sees it a little more than a hellhole full of the most dangerous and viles creatures of this realm; Morbols

  3. The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak, a tedious labyrinth of annoying pests, the only thing she likes about it are what the larger Diremites tend to be called, but it not enough for her not to want to get outta this place ASAP

  4. Azys Lla, the Allagan fortress, to her floats as a reflection of Allag’s dark nature, contrasted with the shell of the Crystal Tower, as such under the Ixali name, Attayan, she uses the two as metaphors for a false utopia. (May or may not be reddened depending on whether or not she partakes in NOAH's expedition in Multiplayer and if Azys Lla as Common Knowledge)





  • Stargazing: Part of the reason she was more interested in astromancy than most other skills, as well as the source of her interest in the Stardust Rod and the Void Mage Shatotto. She was always fond of the stars and the night sky. Her own nickname was derived from this practice, as she also expressed a desire to gaze upon the Northern Lights.

  • History and Mythology: Primarily Allagan history, but she loves learning about history in general. She is sometimes seen extensibly studying the various history and mythology books of the Great Gubal Library. The Primals ha also kindled an interest in metaphysics and aetherial research. Ever since she slayed Ifrit however she had rapidly grown enamored with making history as much as she learns about it.

  • Mammots: She has an obsession with the things. Often trying to collect various models whether they resemble her allies, her enemies or fairytale characters. She also finds and takes in various small pets from.

  • Money: A little bit. Although she loaths the monetarist ideology, she still knows that reform be it in Ul’Dah or Sharlayan is a rather costly endeavor. Not helping is that a certain merchant is dealing with Tomestones for extravagant prices, making her thirst for knowledge a small obstacle. So she tries to get some money when possible. She’s finds certain materia to be profitable these days and there are rumours of a legendary thief's trove hidden underground...

  • Precious Gemstones and Jewels: She often collects them.

  • Colors and Rainbows: sometimes related to the above, but she also enjoys colors a lot, enough to try to get outfits in each color of the rainbow.


Quirks and flaws (Also not posting the whole list and small parts are left out out for personal reasons):



  • Whenever she is near a group of beastmen, she sometimes adapts their own speech patterns, the changes are not usually noticeable around say, the Kobolds or Amall’ja, but they are apparent when near the Sylphs, Vath, Moogles or Ixal. (Only Red because the Echo is pretty much the only reason she is able to communicate with an thus help the Beast-Tribes)
  • When it comes to being inhuman or supernatural she’s a worried paranoiac. Flights of fancy about becoming a primal, an aetherial construct, or one of the famed “Archons” seep their way in and terrify her. Especially after learning of Shiva and Thordian’s plans and in spite of her goal of forming a legend around herself. She also fears what Hydaelyn would do to her “beloved daughter” after the events of the Antitower
  • She gets rather vengeful whenever someone kills her friends.

  • She sometimes speaks in silly sentences, making metaphors, instigating idioms, and alliterates after her allusions.

  • She seldom refuses to help anyone in need, though certain parts of subconscious doesn't not like that idea.

  • Has a bit of a sweet tooth, especially for Sohm Al tarts.



  • Knowledge of all combat arts and crafts

  • The ousting of the Bilbiothecs from power and the unfettered flow of the river of knowledge.

  • Learning about the Allagan Empire and using that knowledge to help advance magitech.

I want to know what do you think (Besides the obvious), and if this is the right place for a post of this calibur.

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