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CandleKeep Trading Company (Coeurl Server)

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The CandleKeep Trading Company is a new casual RP FC on the Coeurl server.  We have a dual-sided FC that has "Scales" and "Daggers".  


The CandleKeep Scales are the members that tend toward the crafting and mercantile professions.  The Daggers, however, gravitate toward militia and guard.  

We at CandleKeep are a casual RP guild that aims at producing quality arcs that will encompass individuals, groups, branches, and the Trading Company as a whole.  We have places for everyone to join...we will even gladly take in folks that don't RP...providing you are laid-back and sociable.


We also have a Linkshell for RP, which will be used to coordinate events (CandleKeep or any other event), talk to our non-FC friends, and hopefully have a few good conversations...as long as you don't spam the shell.


Any roads,  look for Acuram Kharlu and ask about the FC or the shell.


PS: We know that Coeurl isn't one of the heavy RP servers, but there seems to be a good number of RP'ers on here, so we figured...why not.

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