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Looking for a friendly FC

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Hello there!


So I happen to be in the market for a FC.  Been a while since I was in one, and I am missing that sense of community in truth.  A group of folks that all have a central theme and reason to get together.


A bit about myself.

- EST Timezone, but tend to be a night owl.  Usually on starting around 9pm-ish and going until 2-3am at times.  Not always, as I have a life, but those are my "regular" play times.

- Paragraph roleplayer.  I try to put out as much as I can in a post, in regards to details and what not.  I can do shorter of course, especially when there is a group.  But I tend to be a little on the verbose side of things.

- Happy to rp in game or on forums.


As for my character, I am currently focusing upon my roegadyn.  She's a healer and researcher upon the side.  Hangs around Ul'dah for the most part, cause hey.  Always people to heal there!  And that means gil in her pocket.  Beyond that, things are pretty open!  So any sort of FC that needs another mender and resident roe is more than happy to contact me.  Or please just point me in the right direction.


One last note.  Due to me not being the greatest at earning gil in this game, my chances of ever owning my own personal house are pretty much zero.  So with that in mind, I pretty much only consider FC's that have housing.  It's my only real chance of having a place of my own in the game.

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Our FC, The Bloodhawks, could always do with another healer. And definitely another roe. There's only one and there should be more. Our FC is about 50% rp, 50% content. We're small, about 8 or so active members, and tend to be active for most of the day and half the night. For the RP side of things, our FC is pretty much a discounted adventurers guild, with preference for Hunt marks.


We're pretty relaxed and always interested in meeting chill, new people. Drop me a line here on the RPC, or find me in game as Kiera Hawkeye or Soaring Griffin!

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Ack, thank you for reminding me Kiera!  I should post about my playstyle in addition to all of the other stuff.


I pretty much am 100% rp.  As in, yes I will level and what not?  But my goal of leveling is to wear the next pretty set of clothing that I want.  Other than that, I have less than zero interest in raids or dungeons, etc etc.  


I have more interest in leveling up crafting than I do the MSQ.

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