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  1. Yandros

    discussion What or how did rp come to you?

    Replace D&D with things like Shadowrun and White Wolf....and yeah, that's me. Toss in a mild obsession with fantasy books when I was younger, and there you go. Though I completely kept my table-top rpg habit. Currently playing GURPS, Honor + Intrigue, and Savage RIFTS.
  2. Yandros

    Two Roegadyn seeking a FC

    Thank you for the replies and good leads! Will start looking into them soon, and hopefully something good will come of it! As for what we are looking for, a healthy mix of adventure and slice of life would be nice. Criminal is not something we are looking for, though we are perfectly fine with morally grey areas.
  3. Hello there! So yes, my friend and I are currently in the search for a new FC. We both are heavy rp’ers, with a preference towards paragraph posting. Though of course, we modify this based on the circumstances! Wouldn’t want to overwhelm anyone, or make their posts go unseen by accident. As for what we are looking for, roleplaying. I would say this is first and foremost. Story-lines, events, every day contact. These are the things that I personally wish, and know my friend would as well. A place that is inclusive to people, and has a process in place to incorporate new people. A FC house would be nice of course, but it is not 100% necessary. My character is a lady who in the past has studied Conjury. Worked for a while as a wandering healer, before finding herself working for a tea house. Took up a role as quartermaster there, making certain that the place had all the proper supplies and the like. But unfortunately, paperwork quickly grows boring. And boring turns to a lack of satisfaction in job and ultimately life. So now, she has packed her things and is now looking once again for a place to call her own. Fortunately this time with a person at her side, but still trying to find her way and place in the world. So, I know this post is rather short, but we are looking! So if you have any questions, comments, etc etc, please feel free to let me know! I will be certain to check the post here from time to time,but PM’s are the easiest way to get up with me. Thank you very much for reading!
  4. Yandros

    discussion Imaginary items and angry men, oh my.

    Planning. Lots and lots of planning. Open OOC communication, and more planning.
  5. Yandros

    What Are You Listening To?

    Had this one stuck in my head lately.
  6. Yandros

    Veteran RPer, New to FFXIV. Social Barriers?

    Hello there! First of all, welcome to the game and to the RPC! You will find that folks here are actually rather friendly overall. And by posting the fact that you have had some issues in finding rp? Expect to have more than a few offers to fix that problem. I would suggest looking into the Events listings here, as there are bound to be some for the holidays. In addition, there are some long standing ones, such as Grindstone (I think that is the name? I always forget). Also, look into visiting the Quicksand in Ul'dah. It is hit or miss, but that is just the nature of tavern rp as a whole. Concerning the clique feeling, I get you. It can be really hard at times, but you are not the only one to be having the issue. I can just say to keep your chin up, and power through. You have already made a big step in finding a good FC, so I am certain things will start to line up for you. Oh! Also, check to see if there are any LS's that are rp orientated. Might be another good place to look.
  7. Yandros

    RIP Joe Dever

    While perhaps not as well known as say Gygax, Arneson, or many of the others, Dever was a huge influence on gaming and fantasy. At least to me, he was. Grew up with the books, and always enjoyed what he put into his world. Damn, 2016 has been rough as hell. http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/14937849.Legendary_fantasy_author_Joe_Dever_dies/
  8. Ooooh, thank you for doing this once again! In order of interest: 1. Mog station outfit 2. Fenrir pup 3. Aquarium Thank you once again, it has been awesome to see all the items over the months.
  9. Yandros

    Your Character and Guilty Pleasures

    Violet has a couple of weaknesses that she tries her best to avoid. But when nobody is looking? Well, keep that cake away. Or the pastry. It doesn't have to actually be sweet, but just anything baked, flaky, and carby. Carbs. Carbs are her utter weakness, and guilty pleasure.
  10. Yandros

    Canon RPers and You

    One is solicited, the other is not. You don't have to open up "Thancred at the Quicksand, Part XII" if you see it listed, but if you're RPing and he just shows up, you're forced to respond to it. I think that's probably the least defensible element. That's the element that is most likely to bother a person in the oc vs canon character imitation example. Being in the same place and not really having control of it. I'm speaking mostly (and broadly) about events, but those sorts of things can create some ugly continuity splinters. If half the people there are fine with Thancred turning up to get turnt up, and the other half aren't, how are they supposed to interact with one another? It's a messy, complicated mess, and the option to opt out always exists but isn't always deployed in a smooth manner. Pretty much this. That, and if they show up to an event... and so does another Thancred (which I have seen before, multiple NPCs showing up) who do we treat as the 'real' Thancred? There's also the issue of continuity. One Thancred does something, and someone else's Thancred does something else. Do we associate the actions to both Thancreds? Do we treat it as a one-shot, and it's not something that sticks? If so, that would go against quite a few roleplayers 'rules', like retconning something like that as never happening. I'm more ok with minor npcs than characters like the Scions etc. Not to derail too much here, but I now really want to see some sort of Monty Python -esque situation where two people playing major lore NPC's show up and end up in a "No, YOU are the impostor!" situation. Actually. No. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck situation! "You are the impostor!" "No you are!" "No you!" "Yes I am the impostor!" "No I am the impostor!"
  11. Yandros

    discussion Going Lalafell, distinct decline in RP?

    Caspar, I stand fully by what I said. It is what I have experienced, and how I both view the subject matter and how I choose to play. Kinda sorry not sorry that it seems to have bothered you so much? But in the end, yeah. After bad experiences with creeps, I tend to take a: "Show me you are different, and I will happily rp with you" viewpoint. Maybe that is not the nicest way to play, but it saves me drama in the game. Beyond that, I offered what I thought was actually a decent solution. You have to show that you are different, when public opinion and thought says things are of a specific way. It sucks, but that is just life. However this is the last I am going to post here. It is getting towards the more argumentative side of discussion, at least in my eyes. So if you would like to continue, feel free to send a PM. Otherwise, I am not going to clog up a person's thread.
  12. Yandros

    discussion Going Lalafell, distinct decline in RP?

    Unfortunately I know the hate. I used to play both blood elves and pandaren in WoW, and both were on the receiving side of a fair amount of player bias. The best thing that I can suggest doing? Is honestly just start slowly. Make friends with people OOC, and reassure them that your lala is not the same as others. Then, roleplay with them in public. People will see that, and honestly? It will stick in their brain. They may not put you on their friend's list or anything, but chances are they will at least think twice the next time they run into you. Which is at least a start. But in the end, and here is where the jaded cynical side of me speaks. You just cannot change public opinion easily. Or even effectively. There are too many lala out there who are perfectly content to play the creeper. And there are too many out there to play the troll. Until the ratio changes, to where the majority are not creepy little trolls? Then yeah, the hate will not change. And right now? Lalas are creepy little trolls, by a wide wide WIDE margin.
  13. Yandros

    discussion Going Lalafell, distinct decline in RP?

    It really comes down to what people have said. Out of the races in game, Lalafell hold the highest chance of being trollplayers. Those folks that are obviously out to troll and bother you, but the moment you call them out, cry about how "I was just IC! It is how my character is!". As well, as others pointed out, there are those who sexualize Lalafell in completely creepy ways. Or they just act like utter creeps. Such as, I've learned that on a roe lady? Don't wear a dress. Doesn't matter where I go (as in, it happens outside the Quicksand), I will have a lala target me and walk under the dress. Typically followed by either an emote or a tell about how they are looking up my lady's dress/skirt. So yeah, after pretty much -all- my experiences with Lalafell falling into one of those categories? I am hesitant to rp with them.
  14. Yandros

    Looking for a friendly FC

    Ack, thank you for reminding me Kiera! I should post about my playstyle in addition to all of the other stuff. I pretty much am 100% rp. As in, yes I will level and what not? But my goal of leveling is to wear the next pretty set of clothing that I want. Other than that, I have less than zero interest in raids or dungeons, etc etc. I have more interest in leveling up crafting than I do the MSQ.
  15. Hello there! So I happen to be in the market for a FC. Been a while since I was in one, and I am missing that sense of community in truth. A group of folks that all have a central theme and reason to get together. A bit about myself. - EST Timezone, but tend to be a night owl. Usually on starting around 9pm-ish and going until 2-3am at times. Not always, as I have a life, but those are my "regular" play times. - Paragraph roleplayer. I try to put out as much as I can in a post, in regards to details and what not. I can do shorter of course, especially when there is a group. But I tend to be a little on the verbose side of things. - Happy to rp in game or on forums. As for my character, I am currently focusing upon my roegadyn. She's a healer and researcher upon the side. Hangs around Ul'dah for the most part, cause hey. Always people to heal there! And that means gil in her pocket. Beyond that, things are pretty open! So any sort of FC that needs another mender and resident roe is more than happy to contact me. Or please just point me in the right direction. One last note. Due to me not being the greatest at earning gil in this game, my chances of ever owning my own personal house are pretty much zero. So with that in mind, I pretty much only consider FC's that have housing. It's my only real chance of having a place of my own in the game.