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  1. The biggest thing I can say, is 100% OOC communication. OOC'ly talk about expectations, story beats, resolutions, etc etc etc. You don't have to go into every single detail, and plan out every action. But just talk about how you want the general flow of things to go.
  2. Just make a character on the Crystal Data Center, since you can then visit Balmung and Mateus.
  3. Haha, yeah I understand testing limits. I do tabletop gaming myself (which thankfully other people go through the work of making the rules, I just get to run games and play!), so it's always a situation where people are trying to push the boundaries of the system. And honestly, that needs to happen! Systems don't get better without that. Anyways, I digress there. I am glad my meandering ramblings were at least of some form of help! And I really do wish there was a clear cut answer to the problem, as I would love to know it as well.
  4. Unfortunately, this is a never-ending problem. Because once you implement a combat system, you run into one of two problems (there are literally millions more, but there are two major ones). Either you allow advancement, or you don't. If you do? Then there comes a point where new players and characters can never catch up, and always feel like they are supporting players to the main PC's in a combat. Sure they can contribute, but that player over there, who has been in the game/system/FC/etc since Day 1 will always have more experience than them. OR. You don't have advancement, and
  5. Hello reader! So I had an amusing idea for this time of year. We all remember the old singles agencies, where a person would go in and make a recording about themselves. Then others would come in, browse through the recordings, and send along a message to the people they liked. Well. Why not have one for Final Fantasy? You can make one as good or as bad (think SNL Lowered Expectations) as you would like! It just has to fit within the theme of going in to record an advert about your character. Then, as you read through the thread here, feel free to messag
  6. Is there source material for FF 5e? Cause if there is, I would love to take a look at it! Also, I'm an avid tabletop player here, so count me interested.
  7. Agree with the comment about Mateus, there is rp all over the place. Same with Balmung. But beyond that, I like to look at people's glams and their search info. See if there is anything there that catches my eye, and potentially compliment it. Or make an attempt of a joke about their search info, if they have something humorous there. Then if that goes well, I make the offer of rp. Doesn't always work, but I figure that I can at least put out the effort to find rp.
  8. So, not to dismiss anything you have said, not in the slightest. I just wish to point out that being ignored is not always a malicious thing. Sometimes chat spam happens, especially if the person is in a FC or a couple of LS's. It can happen, and people miss posts all the time. Second, location might be a factor here. Certain places in game are known for certain rp, and your character might be getting lumped into a stereotype. But, sometimes people might not want to rp with a male character. That is just how life goes. I am not saying it is fair, or even right,
  9. Replace D&D with things like Shadowrun and White Wolf....and yeah, that's me. Toss in a mild obsession with fantasy books when I was younger, and there you go. Though I completely kept my table-top rpg habit. Currently playing GURPS, Honor + Intrigue, and Savage RIFTS.
  10. Thank you for the replies and good leads! Will start looking into them soon, and hopefully something good will come of it! As for what we are looking for, a healthy mix of adventure and slice of life would be nice. Criminal is not something we are looking for, though we are perfectly fine with morally grey areas.
  11. Hello there! So yes, my friend and I are currently in the search for a new FC. We both are heavy rp’ers, with a preference towards paragraph posting. Though of course, we modify this based on the circumstances! Wouldn’t want to overwhelm anyone, or make their posts go unseen by accident. As for what we are looking for, roleplaying. I would say this is first and foremost. Story-lines, events, every day contact. These are the things that I personally wish, and know my friend would as well. A place that is inclusive to people, and has a process in place to incorporate new peop
  12. Planning. Lots and lots of planning. Open OOC communication, and more planning.
  13. Had this one stuck in my head lately.
  14. Hello there! First of all, welcome to the game and to the RPC! You will find that folks here are actually rather friendly overall. And by posting the fact that you have had some issues in finding rp? Expect to have more than a few offers to fix that problem. I would suggest looking into the Events listings here, as there are bound to be some for the holidays. In addition, there are some long standing ones, such as Grindstone (I think that is the name? I always forget). Also, look into visiting the Quicksand in Ul'dah. It is hit or miss, but that is just the nature of taver
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