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Miqo'te Marksman/Assassin Looking for Contacts

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Hey all!


I've recently taken up an alt: Rahje'ir Jinjahl and while I'm only really in the process of leveling him right now, I wanted to toss this up here and see about the potential for working on some interesting stories with folks, and getting him more established. 


Essentially he is a Marksman and Assassin, depending on what the situation calls for. He is trained in tracking and scouting and works as a mercenary for the most part. So any potential mercenaries or shady underhanded folk would be great contacts to collab with. 


I'm looking to get into some long term development for the character, delving into some potentially dark themes. I'm something of an RP-Vet as some would say, and have some character storylines that have been going on for 10 years and still going strong. Each story was rife with comedy, drama, suspense and mature themes. I am interested in pursuing something just as in depth and detailed with this character. So I am very open to those who are interested in similar directions.


Feel free to check out his wiki for more details on the character and shoot me a PM here or catch me in-game (On Mina Kyunei or Rahje'ir Jinjahl) and we'll see what sorts shenanigans we can devise.

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