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Looking for a FC and possible contacts

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Well, I put it into my post for the player directory that I am interested in an FC that is more RP oriented. I've been randomly invited to more social guilds, but I'd like to have a push to RP a bit more.


I admit, I get worried I am interrupting anything or that the fact that I am so new to FFXIV that it turns people off. So I just keep going about my business to level. Because I got accustomed to the whole 'low levels are not taken seriously or outright ignored' thing from other MMOs. 


The bare bones of Ehfi Rhinsu would be that she's just a conjurer out in the world to study her skills and to lend aid to others, but I don't have additional concepts to really flesh Ehfi out.


Joining one of the FCs would be able to help figure out at least another concept. Depending on the FC...I intend to have Ehfi be a character with good intentions. The sort that would perhaps follow that TV Trope of 'Good is Not Soft'. 


Other than interest in an FC, I am interested in hopefully making more connections than just what is in the FC...I am just hesitant because of past histories with cliques and unspoken (even if it might be unintentional) rule that low-level characters are ignored.

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Feel like I should at least post this update.


I've joined the free company Pathfinders . 

In the past, I have seen others become contacts for other guilds due to them being a healer in general. So hopefully that can maybe be done here in FFXIV? 


Ehfi hasn't quite settled down, so she'll still be out in the world either way- so contacts can be made individually as a whole.


So overall, more contacts the better!  


Thank-you for taking the time to read my thread!

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