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A Night at the Cliffs! Again!

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Low quality music for low quality people.  : )


Come dance, shout, sing, heckle the Roe (if you dare), sob with Marcy, take explicit pictures of Rommie, translate whatever Kasumi's gonna sing, and Bring Savo Fish.  



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Ok, things are kind of hectic and up in the air with me right now because of not knowing what days I'm in town, and what days I'm not, but theoretically, I'm usually not in town on Wednesdays...However, I'm not going to entirely rule it out, because I'm thoroughly determined to attend one. One day.

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Often this event is voted 'least convenient time slot' or at least it would likely be if there had been such a vote rather than me just making it up.  But Wednesday seems the spot on the calendar that doesn't conflict so much with events that take a great more effort and planning than this one.  The cliffs is just a place where bards and careers go to beat each other with ugly sticks.  


Since it is coming up though, I may as well bump this little jam session.

Some new rules:

it takes an aggregate /RNG roll of 1200 to catch a stage diving roegadyn (not directly saying Magma Dancer has put on weight : ) but rather to reflect the exact nature of her aerodynamics)

and while it only takes a roll of 34 to catch Savo, it takes a roll of better than 900 to do so without ending up with fleas.



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