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[Once Monthly] Sea Breeze Bazaar

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Tumblr: seabreezebazaar.tumblr.com






  • All merchants shall be asked to set their status to ‘Looking For Meld’ in order to better help themselves stand out amongst the ground. You can do this easily by editing your search options!
  • Note, you do NOT need to contact us to attend as a merchant. We welcome walk ins just as much as those who let us know they’re coming ahead of time.
  • If you are not a vendor, but rather something of a different sort we will likely not turn you away either. Mercenaries looking for work, employers looking for hires, FC’s wishing to promote their own events, etc - we will allow all of you to ‘hawk’ your wares so long as you bring something fun to the table. We are working on a post to explain this further, but in the mean time contact us if you feel any confusion!


[align=center]Event Organizers and Guards:[/align]

  • On the other hand, we shall be using ‘Looking For Party’ to ensure that people know where we are and who to talk to if anything comes up. This includes thievery and questionable antics from any attendee. If you do not see one of us moving to handle the problem then simply find one of us and ask. (And just in case we get people trying to troll, you can always contact Odile Delacroix if you have a problem as that character will always be attending the events.)
    In trying to keep with a theme we shall be continuing our tour of the city states by taking the next event to the Shroud! It is currently planned to tour each of the three locations in a rotating order to help foster RP, however we are still open to suggestions if you wish to see another area visited instead! (We will not go to the city of Ishgard or any Heavensward area out of respect for our lower level patrons, but we are not beyond considering Camp Dragonhead.)

We look forward to seeing you all next month and also deeply apologize for any mix up on the Calendar as it was our own fault in improperly submitting the forms. Until then!

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Anyone who wants to be a merchant please feel free to attend! So long as you obey the ToS and don't sell any illegal wares (as the guards do have ties to the GC's and will turn you in) we don't much care what you sell within reason. Doesn't even have to be a physical OOC item. Can be IC only. ^^

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