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Not Another Introduction Thread...


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Hello there, fellow roleplayers!


150x150http://mrwgifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/How-Do-You-Do-Fellow-Kids-Reaction-Gif-Steve-Buscemi_408x408.jpg[/img] This certainly isn't my first rodeo when it comes to massive MMOs or roleplay, but FFXIV certainly is a bombshell of an experience for me (can I stay on the ride for 5 more minutes, please)?


Thanks to a friend who has been on the server for a little while I have finally been able to join Balmung and it has been an incredible experience so far. Every one has been overwhelmingly nice and helpful and I decided today that I should probably get on here and say hello as well.


:tonberry: If my name seems familiar, it's likely because I'd been playing in a few games before this: Everquest 1 and 2, SWTOR and generally floating around the internet for some time.

I look forward to writing wonderful stories and meeting other writers along the way!

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