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Order of Ouroboros


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The Order of Ouroboros began as a secret society of mages. Forced at first to operate underground by the social climate, their meetings took place beneath the cloak of night, behind locked doors. As generations passed, and memory of the Great Flood faded, the Order became bolder but never stepped fully from the shadows. They exist today as a whisper uttered only under moonlight. Their hand is invisible but ever present. Wherever magic is abused, or promising mages require guidance, the agents of Ouroboros travel. And in this age of Primals and war, their presence is needed.


Modern Incarnation

Today the Ouroboros exist as a secret society. Each of its members carries an enchanted item, of which no two are alike. These magical trinkets function like linkpearls, allowing the owner to communicate with the greater network of associates.


With the use of primal and other esoteric magicks, becoming more widespread in recent times, the purview of Ouroboros has expanded beyond simply safeguarding magic. They now hunt and destroy unstable elements, investigate mysterious happenings of a magical nature, and secure assets that might serve to facilitate the group’s goals.


The Aims of Ouroboros

  • Hunt and destroy/secure unstable elements, i.e. forbidden magic not safe in anyone’s hands etc. 
  • Handle disturbances or instances of strange magical happenings i.e. voidsent, taint, trouble using magicks etc. 
  • Aid and nurture mages’ growth, to become responsible but ambitious and driven in their studies of the arcane arts
  • Protect old and discover new knowledge regarding the magicks and disciplines of magic, uncovering hidden history and experimenting with new styles and arcane arts
  • Provide a network for mages across Eorzea in the form of the secret society to communicate and connect 

Interested in Joining? 

We are currently closed for recruitment, but for future reference, you could submit an application on our website to start the process of joining us! Check back with later to see when we open next!

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Order of Ouroboros now have a new meeting place. Using their enchanted items, members of the Order will be granted access to our leader's home. Located in the Goblet, Ward 10, Plot 12, the house is filled with delights for mages. Places to quietly read and research and meet fellow-minded mages. The Free Company is not open to the public in-character, but feel free to have a quick OOC snoop around if you're in the area!











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[align=center]Hi folks! Time for an update. One of our most recent events involved banishing a voidsent familiar that had taken to following on of the Order's founders around. Disturbed by its desire for violence and it's face-eating capabilities, Sahael came up with a plan to be rid of the creature. They all met in Eastern Thanalan, where a ritual had been prepared.



The creature would eerily appear whenever it was mentioned...









The mission was... arguably a success. It seemed all the group did was anger the beast, but eventually, they managed to send it back to wherever it came from. A rather exhausting trip, the group headed back to have a well-earned drink.




Interested in being a part of the Order and banishing some weird void creatures? We're currently recruiting! Drop an application over to our website, where we keep you up to date with our events and goings-on. [/align]

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The Order of Ouroboros have recently been investigating an incident that involved the possiblity of ~black mages~ of getting up to no good, summoning voidsent with their reckless magic. Of course the Order went to put a stop to this and on the way, they bumped into Ruran Vas and the Malqir tribe who offered a helping hand. Together they solved the problem by taking in the misguided student mages in attempt to rehabilitate them.








Special thanks to Spirit of Algadei (Qunbish and Yunegen!) for getting involved with the three-week long RP event! It really added to the story establishment and you two were just great sports, we loved every minute of it. 


We love collaborating with fellow RP-FCs, so if you would like to organise a plot/event together, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Recruitment is still open for those interested in the linkshell and FC! Drop me a message here and the forums or in game at Oyuu Dataq and I will get back to you. For now, ta-ra!

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Hi folks, just posting a few pictures and updates from last month's activities! Hope y'all are doing well. ^o^/


One of our newest storylines involves a regular member, Arshtat. Her brother has been missing for some time, and the only leads she has on his whereabouts was his strange behaviour before hand and a drawing of a Mhachi amulet. From firsthand experience, the Order deduced that her brother was under the influence of some sort of void magic and they began to investigate! Which meant summoning... The Eye!




The Eye has a bit of history with some of the Order members, and at first refused to help, despite the offers of 'live sacrifices' and aether. However, it ended up blabbing a clue to the group when they tricked him, and the Order managed to escape without any harm coming to them. It looks like they're heading to Gelmorra to delve further into the mystery of Arshtat and her brother. 








We also put our Order members through a test of their arcane skills down in a temple where a poor, innocent moogle plushie was horrendously murdered, and held meetings where they argued about murdering people and noted how they are slowly forming a collection of arsonist-wannabe miqo'te. 


Want to join in on our fun? We're still open for recruitment! Weekly RP events and PvE shenanigans, you get to hang out with us lovely folk. Head on over to our

website for further information and possibly submit an application? ;O So, thanks for reading and take care! 

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Hi folks, just posting a small, random update before Christmas to let you know we're still very much active and doing our crazy shit every week. Our roleplay events moved to every Saturday at 9PM GMT and we have increased the amount of casual RP around the house. I'm just gonna throw in a few random screens I never got to post a while back from a fairly recent event so enjoy!




[align=center]Gathering before they headed out into Thanalan in search of a 'miracle healer'.[/align]






[align=center]The group deciding on their next plan of action.[/align]


We've had various events in the past month or two, the most recent seeing the Order suffering from a horrendous attack at their home base. But now that the dust has settled and the rubble is cleaned up, our members will be preparing for Starlight celebrations to reflect on this past year. Random update is done for now, take care and happy holidays!

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Good day, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from the Order of Ouroboros! Hope everyone had a lovely time and all that jazz, but we're now back to our original scheduling of getting fucked up having fun with the Order of Ouroboros! 


To get back into the swing of things, one of the leaders proposed a 'team building exercise' which involved sparring, which did not go down well with our mages who prefer to use magic for all their battles... That was precisely the point however, and most discovered that fighting hand to hand wasn't so bad. If you ignored the vomit, blood, and broken noses. 








[align=left]Punching each other actually seemed to bring the Order's members closer together, who knew? Many stuck around to chat, tend each others' wounds and discuss future plans. We're hoping to do some more one-offs like this, the next theme possibly to do with first aid in case of emergencies. But after this weekend, the Order will be thrown into the deep end once more to tackle horrible mysteries, fail to dispatch voidsent enemies, and make fools of themselves save Eorzea from terrible magical stuffs. 


We have a new tumblr, check it out here! And other than that, we got new plots coming and recruitment is still open and stuff. See around this time next month for another update! [/align]

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Time for another monthly update! This March, the Order of Ouroboros saw the end to an epic tale - The Curse of Malcontent. Madoc Parnell was inflicted with the ailment when he wielded a tainted sword which created an aetherial bond with him, and it fueled him with a lust to consume aether from others.


The Order of Ouroboros worked hard to save their resident smirking asshole mercenary and solve the mystery of the sword’s curse itself, every turn seeming to take a darker and more serious route. Time ran out, but love triumphed in the end and Madoc was saved from his corruption in a huge battle that left the Order very sore and exhausted afterward. If you would like to read more of this story, please check out our Tumblr where we’ve been posting about it!










[align=center](Screenshot credit goes to Ruran! And also a BIG THANK YOU to Ruran for running this event, it was great fun!)[/align]


In other news, we have another little plot arc underway, continuing the investigation of the Sil’dah Ruins and what secrets the Order found there. We also have some usual Voidsent shenanigans on the way, as well as a trip to the beach and Coerthas Our schedule is full until May, so the Order has plenty to do right now and in the near future.


Also, our recruitment is currently closed again due to management having their hands full and our numbers are currently at a healthy level. We’re looking to recruit in the next few weeks once things free up for us, so please keep an eye out if you’re interested. Any questions regarding the Order of Ouroboros, feel free to PM me here on the forums.


Thanks again for reading! Take care! o/

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Man, April flew by didn't it? Time for another Order of Ouroboros update! This Saturday, we celebrated the Order's first birthday! Woo! 




[align=left]And what better way to celebrate than with a cake... a cursed cake. Oops. It was a rather eventful anniversary party, with illusions and tricks being cast on the poor Order members Some couldn't sit upright, others were over emotional, or saw everyone as horses... Either way, it was all solved soon enough and everyone was right as rain after. We cannot just simply have a normal gathering after all. ~ 




We've been up to our usual shenanigans in the meantime, fighting voidsent by moonlight, dying the poor Leader's hair grey at daylight. Some big storylines are being lined up for the Order, so there will be plenty to do in the time leading up to Stormblood! 




PvE has also been an interest of ours as of late, we've been progressing each of the Extreme Primal fights to try and get those birbs. We've conquered Sophia and Sephirot, our next goal is to take down Zuvran. Wish us luck, we'll probably need it...


That's it for this month's update, other than recruitment is now open again! We're accepting both FC and LS members, so if you're after plot driven, lore-friendly roleplay and lots of memes, we might be the group for you. Check out our new website and submit an application over there, do it! We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, take care!


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In the Blind Iron Mines situated in Lower La Noscea, ghosts and monsters roam the caves, chasing off anyone who dared venture too close. Many men would vanish, bodies never found. Or so the rumors went. Yet two members of the Order, Shane Ma’iitsoh and A’ayzi Tia, seemed to laugh off the rumors when they heard them, having only found a weird looking fish and pretty rocks in the caves itself.





However, it seemed there was a change.. The rumors shifting with more and more evidence to back them up. The bats that normally hung about the caves had fled, animal carcasses were found outside the entrance and the mention of unspeakable horrors and sights within. It was then that the two of them brought it to the Order’s attention and thus began a plan to investigate the mines.[/align]




A small exploration group comprised of Alderique, Kyt'ir, A'ayzi, Madoc, Arshtat, Kuina, Shane, Rin set off towards La Noscea and towards the cave system. Upon entering they were hit with an obnoxious odor and a feeling of dread that only seemed to grow the farther and farther they ventured inside.




[align=left]The source of the fear and the smell showed itself when Kite and Rin decided to poke at the small pool of water inside. Unfortunately, that source was a mutated cupfish. Smelly, awful and seems to have a temper to match as it instantly attacked the party. The group finished the pitiful creature off without too much of a hassle, finding the reason for its mutation to be the artifact it had chosen to swallow in what was likely a moment of greed. With that being done they returned back to the house to study their find. And all likely take very long showers.


That's it for a small story update. Please stay tuned for more news about our recruitment opening soon, our plans for Stormblood, and future events and plotlines coming your way!

Thanks for reading! o/[/align]

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Born from the ashes of an age-old secret mage society, the Order of Ouroboros continues its work in protecting magic from being abused, and those abused by it. Preserving magical knowledge and educating promising young mages, the Order of Ouroboros has a wealth of resources and members tod keep up its great legacy.



The Order is looking to add to these resources in the form of experienced fighters, scholars, and mages who have seen it all but wish to be surprised. Or young adventurers yearning to set their foot on the right path of a magical learning experience. The Order asks you this favor. If you know of anyone of this description, please send them to us. Good pay, education and a place to rest their head are on offer.


Yours faithfully...



Order of Ouroboros is an FFXIV Free Company and Linkshell on Balmung, dedicated to providing fun, lore-friendly roleplay with the theme of magic and mystical knowledge. Open to NA and EU members alike, we provide weekly plot-driven roleplay and PvE nights. More OOC information about us can be found here. If you’re interested in joining, please check out our website where you can submit an application.

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