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Interesting tidbit about Keepers

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For those interested, Fernehalwes states in that oooold thread that Keeper families have also probably emigrated elsewhere than Eorzea (so, Seekers too I guess?). 


Make of it what you will. Forgive me if that has already been pointed somewhere though.


There are many Keeper of the Moon family names that have been passed down through the generations.

The ones you see in-game (thank you for compiling that list aviha!) represent some of the more prominent families that once crossed the frozen seas into Eorzea in search for prey. That does not mean that these are all the names available. There are some families who have chosen to live more secluded lives, and simply have not made an appearance in-game yet. There are also the families who remained in their homeland, or emigrated to lands other than Eorzea.


So, when creating a character, you are free to take the surname of an existing family, and inherit their history, or choose a yet-to-be-released surname, and build a new history.

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