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[Breaking News!] Terror In The Twelveswood

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Tis, but one of many stories that are told in Gridania. About a Tainted Tree that captured unfortunate adventurers and travelers. Draining them of their life force and using it to gain sustenance so it could continue to collect other victims. The story is often told when the people gather to listen to stories from returning Gridanians from their travels or to just listen to a tale that brings a bit of fright.



Mayhaps you wonder why this is brought up? Several Gridanidan’s have seemingly gone missing. At the moment a total of four people have gone missing. 



Linoux Gruidin (Age: 27 Elezen Wildwood)

Riotoux Phipuveur (Age: 34 Elezen Wildwood)

Mildrith Warrer (Age:24 Hyur)

U'charyu (Age:25 Keeper Miqo’te)

The last they were heard was supposedly either taking a stroll in the Twelveswood or traveling to other parts of the Shroud. 



Ellane Lautain, a Wood Wailer and partner to Lunoux Gruidin said that during their shift that her and Lunoux heard a queer noise and went to investigate. She reported that in a blink of an eye something came out and attacked them both and dragged the poor Elezen male away. She tried to chase after him, but was unable to save him as he disappeared into the forest



The Elder Seedseer has been made aware of this and has stated that something will be done about this. This has the people of Gridania very concerned for there safety and it has been ordered that adventurers should be on the look out and to those not capable of fending for themselves will be escorted to one place or another by a members of the Twin Adder.



Many people believe that this is the work of some evil group using the story of the Wicked Wood to frighten the people, but some believe this tale to be true. We hope that this can be solved quickly and pray to the twelve that the missing people are found alive and well. We advise the people of Gridania to take care when traveling, especially when when it gets dark out

Story By: Aylwin Stone

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