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Majh'ir Rafaist

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I. Basic Information


  • Characters: Majh'ir Rafaist
  • Primary Character: Majh'ir Rafaist
  • Linkshells: None.
  • Primary RP Linkshell: None.


II. Roleplay Style


  • Amount of RP (Light, Medium, Heavy):
    Light to medium. I grew weary of paragraph upon paragraph a long while ago. These days I prefer things short and concise. Though sometimes I still find myself in the mood for more.                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Views on RP Combat and Injuries:
    [align=justify]I rarely participate in RP combat as it's simply something my characters don't get involved with. Though if I end in a situation where it's a must, I prefer to resolve it through roleplay rather than in-game combat or dice rolls. Player skill is not reflective of a character, and dice do not take into consideration the nuances of abilities. I also try to avoid excessive use of magic in order to heal injuries should they occur. Magic which mends has its use and should be used, but I am not a fan of instant recovery.
  • Views on IC Romance:
    I enjoy a good romance. Especially one with a dash of humour and dysfunction. The reason I met my closest friend was due to chance roleplay which became a hilarious IC romance.
  • Views on Non-Romantic RP (Family, etc):
    My favourite type of roleplay is casual slice-of-life. Shall we exchange ways to prevent pests from eating our tomatoes, or would you rather chat about the strain on your marriage due to erectile dysfunction and being unable to satisfy the emotional and physical demands of your loved one? Ideally over tea, if you don't mind. Regarding family, I leave my character backgrounds vague enough to confirm that yes, they were actually born from the loins of another. But those family members are waved offscreen. Parents and siblings and cousins don't really interest me.
  • Views on Lore:
    I try to abide by the lore of the setting as much as possible, though sometimes things should bend for the sake of enjoyment or just ease of use. I understand potatoes aren't called potatoes in Hydaelyn, but I don't really care. So long as we understand each other, does it really matter? As a disclaimer, I am not well versed on FF14 (or any FF) lore. It's my first real venture into the setting as a whole, so mistakes will be made as I learn.
  • Views on Chat Functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    If I'm in an area were /say is clearly IC, then it'll be IC unless shown otherwise. This goes for any other channel.

III. Other Information


  • Country: Canada
  • Timezone: EST
  • Contact info: You can message me here on the forums or whisper me in-game I suppose.


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