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Faith Sauveterre and others

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I. Basic Info 



Characters:  Faith Sauveterre, Maetikoel Syhrkoensyn, Ashlyn Blake, Simon Areobuck, Nobutsune Naeuri, Romoka Diraoka, S'kenta Tia


Primary character: Faith Sauveterre


Linkshells: The Bard Rock Cafe, Knights & Pirates (LS)


Primary RP linkshell: None








II. RP Style 



Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):


I prefer Medium RP, but can do Light. Heavy might be possible for One-on-One, but I mostly enjoy Light/Medium. In times I do heavy/Para RPs just know that it might take time for me to respond as I don't want to appear as if I'm half-assing it. In fact this goes Medium RP as well. 


Now I will admit I would prefer OOC notice/Plotting before starting any RP. Walk-Up Rps are a little weird for me and if I have no idea where it goes then it gets kind of weird for me. Of course this is for first time RPs if we do it more then once then Walk-Ups are fine just know I prefer planning and plotting.


Views on RP combat and injuries:


I'm fine with RP combat, but I like to plan them out because I'm not too great at Combat rps and I don't want to come off as overpowered. Injuries are fine if my character or yours fails. Permanent stuff must be talked about


Views on IC romance:


I don't mind IC Romance, that being said I would like some build up. If our characters have chemistry and/or your interested in planning something then we can talk it out OOC. I do enjoy the struggles however, realtionships are not perfect so some bumps along the way are welcome. From one of us taking dangerous jobs and just being worried to the Culture Clash and issues faced in a mixed race romance.  


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):


Non-Romantic RP can be just as fun as a Romantic one. Spending time with friends, making new ones by either doing the same quest or being in the same guild. Heck even having rivals friendly or otherwise and enemies are welcome.


Views on lore:


Lore is nice to have and I enjoy it very much. I do try my best to adhere to lore myself. I'm still trying to learn as much FFXIV Lore as I can, but some things may slip by. I may have split from lore just a bit.


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):


/say - For IC Speech unless stated otherwise

/tell - This can be for both IC and OOC

/Party - If more then one person is involved in a RP then this can be used



How I tend to RP

"BlahBlah" - Anything in Quotes is IC

(BLAHBLAH) - Anything in Parenthesis is OCC


III. Other Info 


Country: USA


Server: Balmung


Timezone: EST-5


Contact info: You can contact me on here, I do have a Tumblr for Faith so that is another option, and if I'm online you can send me a /tell as well. I do have a Discord so if you want to contact me there then PM me


I believe that's it. If I missed anything let me know and I'll add onto this


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