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Fellow role player has join, press start to begin!

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Hello everyone! I am Kazunori and I am honored to have joined this wonderful webpage. My friend gave me some tips about how I can get used to the game again and since she knew that I enjoyed role playing, she advice me to check out this page. Before I get into describing a little about myself. I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to role playing and getting to know you all. 


I am semi new to Final Fantasy 14 but I am not new to the Final fantasy series. I am eager to come back to this wonderful game and looking forward to making new friends and creating a story for my character. I have role played in a couple games which were WoW and Rift, along with role playing in the chatrooms that AOL had once upon a time.


I know I will be semi new to this game and I know I will have a lot to remember (for I was a tank and I wish to get back into it.) But I am looking forward to meeting the wonderful people here and in the world of Eorzea. biggrin.gif


(I have come up with a brief personality post about my character , hope you enjoy!)


Kazunori being the man that he is, is one who never backs down from any job and really has the desire to make sure everything he does is somewhat perfect. He has been know to fight though he claims that most were not his fault. Since he could not become the hero (the one every little kid dreams about when they are young), he turned his attention to that of becoming a mercenary, as the job can sometimes operate out of the darkness. His attitude is one that reflects his sense of not caring. He can be outspoken and likes to voice his opinion as anyone else would but normally you will find him drinking at any bar while writing quietly within his leather bound journal.

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