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So I've been lurking around this site (and some roleplayer's tumblr accounts...) I figured now would be a good time to pop in and ask if there are any small groups, guilds or communities that would be good for a vet role player...but utterly novice newb to FFXIV's community. I find that there is only a small amount of walk up available in most towns so I figured connections where my best bet! I would be happy to meet anyone at this point as most of my leaving the game has to do with being so very lonely. 


In terms of how I write? Generous posts when I can, I'm not one to use one lines if I can help it but I don't mind interacting with anyone. Lore wise I'm very...uninformed, could use a teacher on that front if anyone is willing to put up with my slowness. 


Feel free to add me, both for single one on one interactions or if you are trying to grab some new members for a company I would be happy to take a look! I should be under Rooen O'luingeoblige when ever I'm on who is level 44. Hope to see you guy's soon!

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I would never in a million years remember that last name.


So, here is an open invitation for walkup RP if you happen to come across a "Vett Tia" ingame. If I don;t appear to be IC, just shoot me a tell and I can jump in and happen across you....entirely by accident!:)

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