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The tale of a doomed party (spoilers)

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[spoilers for Palace of the Dead, as well as level 30 MSQ and Tam-Tara Hard]


I want to see if I got the gist of things right and maybe practice my writing a little



Once upon a time, there was a group of adventurers. One's a Lalafell Thaumaturge, another is a Hyur Conjurer, another still a Hyur Gladiator and the last one is an Elezen Lancer. The 2 Hyur and the Elezen, named Edda, Avere and Liavanne, respectively were engaged in a Love Triangle. The former of the two were literally engaged. Together with the Lalafell Paiyo Reiyo, the quartet sought fame and fortune.


However the group has ran into trouble several times. Edda was a novice at Conjury, opting to bring potions just in case she had trouble healing her fiance, Avere lost his engagement ring to the waters, and tensions ran thick between them. Coming to a head at the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. The excursion lead to the death of Avere, the first domino in a trial that would eventually leave Paiyo the sole survivor of his party.


With Avere dead she resolved to start fresh as a new adventurer and the gorup went their separate ways. Paiyo's whereabouts then were unknown, but Liavanne decided to join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, a rather prestigious organization in Eorzea. However this marked her as following Avere to the hereafter as the Garlean Empire, led by Livia sas Junes, raided their headquarters in a bid to seize the anticedent and her inner circle. And then there were two.


Long after that tragedy occurred, Liavanne was buried at a nearby church where her grave has remained undisturbed...until someone planned a wedding


Sometime after Edda found her new goal she met with a mysterious cloaked figure, one who taught her powers of Necromancy. Thus she decided to revive Avere at what was his and many others tomb and then marry the corpse. Liavanne and Paiyo were invited and carried to the Deepcroft along with another adventurer Edda considered a friend. Alas this friend, upon seeing her madness and the attempted revival of Avere, tried to put Edda to the sword with some success. And with her, those who were tangled in a tragic love triangle were slain.


But this story doesn't end there. Edda's spirit haunted 3 of Eorzea's city-states before deciding to make another set of Gelmorran Ruins, the Palace of the Dead, her home an try again. Warped beyond recognition, another reunion with her murderer was nigh.


Once she challenged the one who both inspired and thwarted her, her spirit was purified and she was closer to rest, leaving behind her engagement ring. Soon after this unexpected exorcism, the adventurer by a twist a fate encountered Paiyo Reiyo, haunted by memories of his dead party and drowning his sorrows at Buscarron's Druthers, he noticed the adventurer and asked for their assistance. For a funeral is long overdue.


The matter of the missing ring, much like a gun placed on a mantle, gained importance, for it was found shortly and with the two Rings, Paiyo and the adventurer held a short and private funeral on La Noscea for the couple. Paiyo decided to keep new adventurers from making the same mistakes he and his party did.



So remember kids, be kind to your healers, do not play Leeroy Jenkens or else you will die an your healer will become crazy an eventually join you after attempting to revive you as a severed head. :P


Jokes aside, I must ask how accurate is this summary.

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Hm, can't tell you if you got it or not because I haven't been able to get through Floor 10 in PotD and planning on never going back into it again.  So I'm taking it as spoilers as you said.


But to add a little bit too it.  I was checking out Ethys Asher's channel, I found a video that he did on Edda.  There is some very good tidbits in it if you guys want to take a look at.  Take what is said with a grain of salt as some of what is talk about may not be accurate anymore as it has been about a year since he did the video.





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