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Farmgirl Thaumaturge LF Love & Friendship!

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Hey everybody! First post, but you may have seen me in-game as either Ceonix De'bayle or Asylillia Harlock already, with this post being focused on the latter. To put it simply, little Asylillia could use some friends and lovers (or even a real romantic partner if it goes well!) to goof around with and "accidentally" light on fire with her chaotic magic abilities. IC requirements are fairly loose as Asy is pretty open-minded and can get along with most people. She's a fresh-faced young adult Highlander girl who has left her family farm in search of adventure with her trademark buckteeth/freckles/green eyes combo leading the way. Kind, goofy, adventurous, and a bit naive she is stumbling through life in the outside world and just wants to find some people to do it with. :chocobo:


OOCly speaking I am looking for reasonably competent RPers who generally prefer establishing long-term character plotlines and going out to public RP events rather than randomly RPing in the major cities and would love to bring Asylillia along! I'd also love to find her a romantic interest or at least some possible ones, gender and race being no factor, with a preference for at least a realistic ERP component that can be discussed further in private. I am available throughout most days for the next month or so but then I'll mostly be active from 6p - 11p EST as well as much more on weekends.


I look forward to getting replies either on this thread, in private messages, or simply in-game! :love:

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