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Looking for some new RP connections.

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So, I've just finished a major plotline within my character's story and she's currently not doing much except performing for cabaret nights at the Keeper's Kiss. I'm pretty much open to meeting new people and seeing what new adventures she'd go on!


Here's a link to my RPC Wiki and Tumblr for more info about Teirra.


RP hooks:


  • If you attend the Keeper's Kiss nights regularly at the Wanderer's Elysium: you're more than likely to run into Teirra performing and working as a hostess.
  • If you read Ash O’Alretha's harlequin romance novels: you'll most likely see Teirra's contact details on the inside of the book covers as she edits them.
  • If you attend regular social gatherings: Teirra is a socialite and she loves attending such events with her co-workers whenever she can.
  • If you are Garlean and were within the Imperial Army: Teirra was a low-ranking Medicus within the Imperial army, so it's likely you may know her from there.
  • If you were raised within Ala Mhigo: Teirra grew up in the busy city as her father was a Magitek Engineer.
  • If you regularly go on combat missions and need a healer: Teirra is a trained combat healer and has her details advertised within the Quicksand.

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