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Displaced Domans <Hinan>

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We are recruiting! Any FC member can invite to the FC, so you don't need to seek an officer out specifically.


=What is this thing anyway=

A RP-focused FC on FFXIV's Balmung server taking the form of a group of Doman refugees, who fled their homeland to evade the cold steel grip of Garlemald. We have an IC linkshell as well for those who would rather not leave their current FC, but would still like to take part in events or just RP with us.


=Who are we looking for?=

Domans! Raens, Doman Hyurs, and anyone else who might have come from Doma.

Both NA and EU players welcome, and there are no age restrictions.



The intent of this FC is to create a group of Domans who all fled their homeland together - meaning that it's best if you can write your affiliation with us into your backstory. You can still join if you can't - displaced Domans would likely want to stick together regardless of how they got to Eorzea - but we will need to concoct an in-character motivation for you to join us.


=Ranks within the FC=

Ranks are mostly for flavor purposes, but dependable individuals will be given privileges to help keep the FC running smoothly.

- Founder: The founder of the FC. Holds no IC meaning.

- Officer: Individuals with heightened privileges, for when the founder is not present to act on OOC matters requiring authority. Holds no IC meaning.

- Architect: Will be given the privilege of operating and building airships and furnishing the house, if we ever obtain one. Will also be given more extensive company chest privileges to aid in said endeavors. (IC) Particularly industrious, educated individuals working toward the betterment of the group.

- Shinobi: Has the privilege to activate company actions. (IC) Secretive assassins who blend in with the common folk. Will be involved in specific plots as befits their skillset. Shinobi don't necessarily have to use the Ninja job.

- Refugee: (IC) Anyone who has no interest in the above roles.

- Staunch Ally: (IC) A non-Doman accepted into the group because of their enduring desire to help. Take note: the number of non-Doman characters I'm willing to accept is limited, to preserve the core intent of the FC.



=Plot Ideas=

- Slice of life: The daily lives of the refugees. Can be anything from romance and friendship to adventure and combat. Mor Dhona's a dangerous place and Rowena's not your average employer.

- Shinobi's revenge: The Garleans are here, and we're not too happy about that. Carry out covert assaults on castrums and patrols, then slink back into the shadows and vanish without a trace.

- Shinobi guardians: The Garleans aren't the only foes the refugees face. Monsters, bandits, and other threats festoon the Eorzean landscape and the surreptitious shinobi will be called upon to defend the refugees who cannot defend themselves.

- FC cooperation: I'm looking into hooking up with other FCs to do events with. Both as cooperating friends and clashing foes. If your FC is interested, contact me.

- Anything else you bring to the table: Got a cool idea? Let me know! I'm open to more ideas.



=OOC Rules=

- Be respectful: Of other RPers and non RPers alike. Hateful OOC behavior will not be tolerated.

- Leave IC drama IC: Just because someone's character dislikes yours or acts rudely does not mean that they feel that way OOC.

- Keep it T rated: Since the FC allows minors, try to keep both the RP and OOC chat appropriate for them. No explicit RP content unless it's agreed upon by all parties beforehand.

And that's it, unless a situation arises that requires the creation of a new rule.


=Officer Contacts=

Speak with these individuals in-game to have questions answered or address concerns.

- Ibahka Kaneuchi

- More to come.

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