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The Crimson Flames

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[align=left]「Once members of Ronin, the Crimson Flames broke away, unable to fit within the vigilante group. Rather than aligning themselves with good morality, many of the members found themselves neither what was considered "good" nor "evil". Instead, they walked along the line that divided the two alignments; and so, unlike their founding company that had opted to stay righteous, the Crimson Flames founded their own home with their own ideals.


With neither side nor allegiance to pledge their lives to, they took almost any job brought to their footsteps. Whether it would be mercenary work or research, all those seeking aid were welcomed to the Crimson Flames' home in the Goblet. Some saw them as a useful form of hire; they offered their arms for protection, and had doctors and medicine. They would research issues for villages, and slay troublesome beasts and bandits. Others saw them as criminals- offering a sanctuary for some on the run, committing theft and murder for the right price. And some even saw them as traitors, for they refused to aid the city-states without payment, never pledging their allegiance to a specific state.


To those aligned with the Crimson Flames, they merely existed. Never straying too far towards the light or the dark, they never took a job that would gain them the attention of the city-states. Their only aim was to build a home for themselves and their fellow brethren. All those who wanted and sought out to pave their own path would eventually find themselves in the place of the Crimson Flames, for they believed that their path was something only they could make. And for them, a place in the company's ranks costs merely the price for their home.


To walk the fine line between good and evil gives beginnings for some, and endings for others. But the Crimson Flames will forever continue in the vast, yet finite, grey plane, and forever will incinerate those that stand in their way. 」[/align]



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We are the third existing branch of HOMRA, for anyone who has seen the tag. We aim to make a home for all different types of players. From Raids to Role Players. PVP to PVE. For we ourselves are all mostly fans of every aspect of the game. We want to build somewhere where everyone can find a home and have fun together.

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