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New to game and Chocobos!

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Hi all! My character's name is Titaynia Rae, and she and I are new to the game. I've been playing for about 2 months now. I'd like to join a FC that rps, and was wondering if there were any chocobo themed groups out there. Titaynia's dream is to work as a full fledged chocobo trainer!

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I don't know if there's any chocobo-specific FCs out there. I have seen and interacted with plenty of folks who serve as chocobo ranchers, keepers, racers, and all other sorts of roles regarding the horsebirds. So you'll likely find folks of a similar mindset just all around instead of in one specific FC.


While certainly not a complete list, the Linkshell and Free Companies tabs up top will lead to the section of the forums that has the FCs and LSes that have identified themselves here on the RPC. They should all have blurbs that will let you know what they're all about. It could be a good start to finding yourself one that might fit best for you!

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