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Alexia Peregris

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I. Basic Info

  • Characters: Alexia Peregris
  • Primary Character: Alexia Peregris
  • Linkshells: None so far
  • Primary Linkshell: None so far


II. RP Style

  • Amount of RP (Light, Medium, Heavy)

          I'm try to stick to medium/heavy RP, and I'll probably be in character most of the time (but an OOC tell to check is appreciated). If I'm involved in an event or some such though, I'll always be in character no matter what.



  • Views on Combat  

         Combat's fine, and it can be a lot of fun. However, nobody should be seriously hurt unless agreed upon OOC beforehand, but that's just common courtesy (and sense) really.



  • Views on Romance

          Romance is fine, I guess. It's not something I'm really looking for, nor is my character, but if it seems natural and has been built up over a period of time, sure. It should still be discussed OOC though.



  • Views on Lore

          Characters and their stories should try and stick to the lore as much as possible in my opinion, granted that's not always possible. So try and stick to it, but there's some wiggle room for sure and I won't nitpick.



  • Chat Functions

          /say, /yell, /em are all IC unless otherwise marked by '(( ))'. /shout is always out of character, and /tell normally would be too. /ls, /fc, and /p would all depend on the group, obviously.



III. Other Info 



  • Timezone: Central
  • Contact: PM

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