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Giving away Gil/items

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So I've decided that odds are not in favor of me ever returning to FFXIV .. as much as I love my character and the work I put into her.. Anyway! With a free weekend in effect I figured I might be able to help someone out or maybe a few people by giving away what I do have laying around on my character and her retainers collecting dust. 


I'd rather help someone new to the game or server, or even a newly formed FC that could use stuff (even if they just sell it for funds. Honestly have not a clue what I have laying around). But anyone is free to post here or message me and I'll be installing the game a bit later to try and get up with whoever. 


(if this is the wrong place for this I'm sorry!)

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Uh, hey there! My friend and I are brand new to the game (and the server) and would love it if you had something to spare our way. He's taken quite a liking to crafting while I'm going through the questing right now. Just got my mount license, huzzah!


I'm Majh'ir Rafaist in game, and his name is Benjamin Roitheaiere. He's not on these forums though as he's sworn off fansites after a lot of bad experiences.


So, uh -- yeah!

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By all means I'll try to get up with ya in game. ^^ I'll see what I have laying around. I was nearly max on all crafts and had a habit to just hold onto materials.. just in case ya know.

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