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Eto Abumi

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I. Basic Info


Characters: Eto Abumi

Primary Character: Eto Abumi

Linkshells: N/A

Primary Linkshell: N/A



II. RP Style


Amount of RP (Light, Medium, Heavy)


-I aim for heavy roleplay whenever I can, I like to be involved in long term stories and developing characters seriously. Honestly I find myself roleplaying much more than actually playing games. I always welcome random casual roleplay as well though!


Views on Combat


-I'm never really looking for heavy combat roleplay, but I'm defiantly ok with it when it's done in a fair way. Obviously no one would have any serious injuries without that being talked about OOC first. I also don't do any kind of pvp as a way of resolving rp fights


Views on Romance


-I see romance as more of a "whatever happens, happens" kind of situation. I never go out of my way to find romance, but I wouldn't turn it away if it fits the storyline and I feel the characters have good chemistry. Just as a warning though, if romance happens I am in it for the long, slow run.


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):


-I am willing to expand on this if other people are interested in a long term story line. Just ask me about it OOC c:



Views on Lore


-I see lore as a guideline and would appreciate other players and characters staying within lore rules. Obviously a little bit of bending is ok, but the story should be followed and respected as well as expanded on through rp.


Chat Functions


- /say, /em, /yell and /tell are all IC unless I type (( )) All other chat channels depend on situation. I always allow both IC and OOC tells and try to get back to them as soon as I can.



III. Other Info


Timezone: PST

Contact: PM, /tell on Eto Abumi, or ask for my skype


Thank you for taking the time to read!

My character wiki is in my signature if you would be interested in learning more about Eto.

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