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[Balmung] Wandering soul seeks acquaintances!

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Hey folks, just wanted to make a post and put myself out there by saying I'm looking for friends! All kinds really, short, tall, average... I mean, uh... Questing, RPing, that sort of thing! 


In all seriousness though, I've picked the game up again after a long break about a month ago now and I'm really in need of some pals to keep it interesting. I go by the character of Flynn Ivers in game, so shoot me a message sometime!


But Flynn, why ever would I want to do that?


A sound question! One of which I have no real answer to beyond... Please? I suppose I'm a medium RPer, mainly focusing on the game but never one to turn down the offer of roleplay. It's just not my main focus for the time since I'm still in that whole process known as "leveling".


That's cool and all, I guess... but why would I want to roleplay with you?


Another fine question my potential associate! To which my answer is... Please? I've created Flynn in mind with the purpose of being able to do just about anything. To give you a little information on him, he's a young Hyur Midlander at the wonderous age of twenty. The whole world is his oyster! 


He's been living on his lonesome for the past few years and has only been travelling and staying long enough in one place to scrape up some extra gil to make it to the next destination, and not starve! He does odd jobs to get by like the generic monster slaying, all the way to the other end of the spectrum of helping around in the local shops and taverns! 


He's a simple kind of guy with simple interests, though he's been recently intrigued in chocobo and all their wonderful potential. Really all this young lad wants to do is live a nice easy-going life and have fun along the way. There's some other semi-interesting details to this charming young fellow, but you'll only get them if we happen to sit down and roleplay sometime! Feeling enticed yet?


Well, now that you've explained all that it doesn't sound too bad!


I know, right?! I told you from the beginning this was a great idea, voice in my head! Now hopefully this will actually attract some people...

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Hello friend,


I could also use more RP connections. My character is a highlander named Levant Lesoleil. If you're interested in backstory there is a post here just below yours with a link to his RPC profile, or we could just meet up and RP it out sometime. I'd welcome to chance to make a new friend, oh and I do a lot of non RP flavored things too!

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