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New contacts for two kids?

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Hello! I've done this thing before, a few months back, but I feel like it's worth doing again. I met a few people last time, including a few that I never managed to connect with yet, but... I'm shy as hell and I'm terrible at sending tells to people bugging them for RP.


So now that I've been playing for longer and have a better idea of what to put here and who I'm playing, I'm putting another of these up just to hopefully get my kids out there a little more. I hope that's okay.






[align=center]Cam'nahl Zarasten[/align]


Cam is a Keeper of the Moon and an Arcanist/Scholar. He's a student of healing first and foremost, with an interest in arcanimic (is that even a term? lol) theory - things like streamlining spells or tweaking diagrams and working out the mathematics for improving the efficiency of aether input vs output.




He's not available for romantic plots, but platonic relationships are wonderful and it's great to have friends. Cam has never been terribly good at socializing because he's very shy, and his twin brother Mik'hal was the one who usually did all the talking while they were growing up. So he's very friendly, but also a bit of a socially awkward penguin who is still learning how to talk to people outside of an academic setting.


IC, Cam spends the majority of his time in Limsa. He can also be found out around the world collecting different plant samples for his botany hobby.





[align=center]Riski Chanse[/align]


Riski's name is a pseudonym, but it's the only one he's giving out. Former archer, current rogue, dabbler in various martial skills just because he can. He can be joking and sarcastic, flirty and teasing, sometimes a sassmaster. Overall he just likes to have a good time and see where the wind takes him next.




Again, not really looking for romance. He'll flirt like there's no tomorrow, but there's no future in it - and I'm really not up for random erp. He's a social butterfly who likes to have connections wherever he can find them, and will gladly chat with anyone, anywhere. I haven't had many chances to play Riski off other characters, but he's energetic and fun and in general chooses to not be terribly serious most of the time. That's not to say he's incapable of it: he just prefers to not.


IC, Riski would be found in Limsa/La Noscea or Ul'dah/Thanalan. He avoids Gridania/The Black Shroud for personal reasons - same with Ishgard.




I have a few others as well, but right now those are the two you're most likely to find me online with - Cam is my main! I'm online basically all evening once I get home from work (roughly 5pm, US Pacific time) and all day on weekends. I'm always happy to chat with people, and I swear to you that if you send me a message or a PM you are not bothering me in the slightest.

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