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[Balmung] RP Venue Listing

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Hey all!


Along with doing the [balmung] RP Event Calendar I have a pet project of collecting what public PC run RP Venues are out there (Started out with just taverns but I've since expanded!). When the patch hit I decided to do a total overhaul and find a much better way of displaying everything. Summer got hectic so it was put on hold but at last I've been able to work on it! So I present to you:


[align=center][balmung] RP Venue Listing[/align]



Yes, I know this page is on Tumblr but that was the easiest place for me to put it up. You don't have to have a tumblr account to use the listing. You can filter the entries by zone or by type!


What is a public RP Venue, you ask? It's any place maintained by players for all RPers to come by and RP in. This includes taverns, shops, cafes, inns, libraries, clubs, etc. Venues must either be Always Open or have regularly scheduled open times to be on the listing. Full requirements are on the submission form linked below. 


If you have a venue you would like added (changed or removed) to the listing then please Fill Out This Submission Form.



2016-07-30: The listing is still somewhat a WIP however the template is fully done and I'm adding the last few submissions I have.

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