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Au'ra with a 'tude and harsh opinions

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Hey everyone! So I have found it a tiny bit hard finding RP since returning to the game. Whether this be because of the spots I have been (probably) or because of not fitting well into the normal scene who knows. But I figured giving this a shot may be my best bet. 


I am pretty much open for all rp; I enjoy story arcs; battles and so on as long as there is depth and more than one liners every post. With that being said let me introduce you to:


Dunare Shiku

Shiku to those she meets

Aged 30 (Hyur years)

The best way I can describe her is by saying she is like a goth chick who never grew out of the phase only improved on it.

She's intelligent 

Works as a Bounty Hunter for the Maelstrom 

Very opinionated when it comes to Elezens (she does not like them at all) or at least she hasn't met one she has liked ever. 

Ignore almost all advances (she isn't into a conversation for the bedroom stuff)

A strict follower of Halone 

Lives in Limsa but frequents Ul'dah as she has contacts there. 

Has little "dog" syndrome when feeling threatened or in a heated discussion 


I don't want to give away to much of her backstory but she was born in Limsa her mother and father were born and raised in Ishgard (may have something to do with her despise of Elezen). Her father hasn't been home in quite some time possibly because of his work (may be a reason she ignores most advances) and she loves her jobs. 


Honestly if there is a chance for a bounty on someones head would love to join in with that or be contracted icly to hunt them down. 


also All rp is okay just I tend to not rush anything. Feel free to message me in game if I do not answer it may be because I am afk but do not worry I will see it when I come back!

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