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Free outdoor housing items! :3

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My FC has a few outdoor housing items that we've been storing in our chest that we'd like to donate to someone who can use them. These items are BOUND, so if you want them, you'll need to have an alt available who can briefly join our FC in order to take them from our FC chest (bound housing items can still be transferred between characters using an FC chest, if you weren't aware). Since they're bound, they can't be sold via the Market Board, so please take them only if you're going to actually use them. :D


Here's the list:


Glade Lamppost (4)

Oblong Garden Patch

Living Arch

Riviera Striking Dummy (2)



It's not a big list, I know, but... hey, I thought I'd offer to the community nevertheless rather than just throwing them out. "Trash day" will be this Saturday, so if you want any of these items, let me know via this thread as soon as you can. :)

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Sure! Let me know some time tomorrow that you'll be available and the name of your alt that you'll be plopping temporarily into the FC in order to grab the Living Arch. It's a pretty cool item, I'm sad that it doesn't fit our yard.


Thank you so much. I have to work during the evening tomorrow. I'll be on at around 9am-3pm EST and then 10pm-12am EST. Look for Cosette Trivat.

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