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I prefer 'wanderer' to 'homeless'

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So I'm brand new to the game, most of my RP experience comes from more modern games such as Arma 3, but I do play a ton of the fantasy genre in a non-rp capacity. I'm looking to get involved with a group that is friendly to new players and those of us learning the ropes. My character should mesh well with a variety of groups as he is of fairly neutral alignment with no real connections; I'm open to the possibility of joining Linkshells and Free Companies as well. I would not mind taking part in some progression as well, currently lv29 Gladiator that will be going Dark Knight (aside from backstory reasons, I also enjoy tanking). Probably fall in the range of casual to moderate RP, though that may change as I get more comfortable.


I haven't fully written out a backstory yet but here is the tl;dr for those who may be interested:


Race: Au Ra

Pseudonym: Tasi Anemos

Birth Name: Shona Avagnar

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Lazy, a tired look always paints his face. He can be a bit gruff, but his speech is generally very laid back. He tends to huff and puff when asked to perform tasks he deems inconvenient. Despite having to occasionally resort to stealing as a means to survive, especially in his younger days, he has a generally kind heart and a soft spot for women. He is superficially annoyed by children, but the local youths always seem to enjoy goading and harassing him. 


Brief backstory (WIP): He escaped the Adarkim takeover of the Avagnar as a child, and after surviving in the wild on his own for some years. He eventually came to Ul'Dah, living as a beggar during his youth. He was taken in by a swordsman (who would later give him the name Tasi Anemos) for a time, but eventually found himself on his own again when his master departed unannounced and never returned. He lacks any real talent in a trade and has survived through begging/odd jobs/mercenary work. He assumes his master has died, and is begrudgingly trying to fulfill his master's wish of making him a proper swordsman, though superficially this goal seems well out of his reach. His only real interest is in drinking, relaxing, and philsophy (preferably all at once). For those keen on his name not being of Au Ra heritage, he will generally state his birth name to be Shona Angura - the tribe his mother belonged to before she met his father.


Edit: forgot to mention, I'm around generally between 12AM-7AM EST (I work nights and stay up late!)




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Hey friend!


I'd love to rp with you sometime! I have a bunch of alts in my description, and I'm happy for any to meet him! I'm from Australia, so I reckon our play times ought to match up, but either way I'll keep an eye out for you in game! He sounds like an interesting dude!~

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...Please let Ruran meet him. We shall be hobos together. Hobros, if you will.


Or, he could meet Madoc and have a drinking partner, and they can share stories and talk about life and generally laze around. (And maybe smash some heads if trouble brews.) Being a conversationalist and not caring what people think, he's a good for breaking characters into the RP scene and getting their personalities worked out.


I'm often online after 12am EST on Friday/Saturday, so we should get in touch sometime!

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Thanks for all the awesome replies! I wanted to take the time to respond to them all but I'm at work and was afraid I'd forget, so I just wanted to say that ALL of these characters sound great, and I'd very much like to meet all of them, so feel free to find me in game or add me as a friend!

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