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Ala Mhigan Wedding Traditions

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So this is pure headcanon bullshit, so please don’t take my words for granted whatsoever.


First of all, I’d imagine very depending on clan heritage which traditions would be there in place. Most traditions have watered down these days in modern days, whereas some families and clans still stick their own old customs.


For the traditions it would vary per ‘dominant’ family line of their heritage, I can’t see Ala Mhigans caring much for the father or the mother’s side being more important. Yes we had mostly mentions of Kings and men in general in Ala Mhigan lore and story so far, but I’d like to remind people the Corpse Brigade, the royal guard, had a woman for a leader. Women can just be as prominent as men no doubt in Ala Mhigan society. However if you wish to roll with men’s family lines being the important one, you can totally roll with that you. We don’t have much lore onto these things to begin with, so go crazy! Anyhow they probably go for the family side they feel most connected to, if perhaps not a mix of both if both sides of the family were important to him or her.


Hell, to get the grim stuff out of the way. I’d imagine the old days of the clans bride kidnapping was a thing what happened. Except that they were trying to steal warrior women (or men), who’d beat the shit out of you, and were expected to fight all the way along to being brought back home. If a woman or men didn’t even bother to put up a good fight while dragging them off their clan’s home, I’d expect interest was lost rather quickly in their potential partner, as Ala Mhigans favour strength over anything else.

Why would you want to have some demure, weak wife or husband, while you can have a feisty one, bred for war like yourself? Also, to prevent inbreeding between the clans, on top of strengthening them.

However I’d imagine this practice is probably not done these anymore due to the fact the Ala Mhigans, or most of them, lived united under one king, and there was no need for these practices any more. But who know some lost, hidden highlander clans still engage into it in Gyr Abania. Or perhaps a mock staged kidnapping is set up between couples and their families to keep the tradition alive.


What brings me to… Why not duke it out in front of the families who gets to wear the pants in their relationship? Men and women were equally well trained in Ala Mhigo after all, given they all favoured strong folk. I’d imagine a few broken bones might be even a sign as good luck and all that. However once more, I’d imagine these fights have toned down a lot, and some clans having abolished them completely in favour for something else, or never had this as a tradition at all. Also, the side of the winning family would take a massive amount of pride in their son or daughter being the winner. Not that was much shame in losing, as long a proper battle was put on display; if the spar was just a lame affair to look at, it be shameful for the family in question.



As for the more spiritual folk, like those who have shamans in their lineage? Perhaps something to appease the Twelve, or even Elementals, or ancestors, as I’ve seen various twists and turns onto Shaman roleplay so far. Perhaps the couple in question has to go through some ancient ritual, varying from prayer, to sacrifices of beats, or worse, to appease x of choice. Maybe the couple in question gets send off to hunt onto some beast to prove they can be successful together; the marriage being blown off completely if they failed at their hunt due to obviously the Twelve not wanting them to be a match. Hells, perhaps the pair has to go some quests for all we know. You can go completely crazy with these things after all.


Even for the Fist of Rhalgr I can see this being a massive thing as well; you first must appease the Destroyer before you can get married. Given they state their prayers are written in blood and sweat, I’d imagine the (pre) marriage traditions used to be quite the same. Although once more, after the Ala Mhigans became more civilised, it probably watered down as well.


As for wedding dresses and the like? Hells, I’d imagine Ala Mhigans rocked up in their ceremonials grabs, their armor ect. You were marrying a warrior, not some dainty person. However, perhaps they had influences from the rest of Eorzea, as wedding dresses (red ones in Ishgard in specific), were a thing. Although due to their Rhalgr praising ways, it may have been purple instead, or the colour of the God their clan prefered to worship.


What brings me to: Ritualistic bodypaint. Sadly enough we don’t know what the Ala Mhigans do exactly with this due to just having a one liner of lore onto it, but I can see this being a massive roll in the whole marriage ceremony as well. For all we know different clans had different paints and markings over their body, and perhaps it varied per occasion as well. Same goes for hairdoes, trinkets and all that. Hell, Ave’s family I’d headcanoned they don’t cut their hair whatsoever, and probably have particular braids and the like for marriages ect.


Rings exchanges? Probably! Although I’d imagine bride and groom would give each other a gift more suitable to be carried on the battlefield next to that. Like a weapon, armor, or perhaps some fancy talisman. Yes, I’d imagine rings to be there, but I can see a massive focus being placed upon the quality and cost of the more important object being given.


The wedding guests obviously wouldn’t go gift the couple with cards and money, like folk do in real life, but instead give them practical things they could use in their profession, or at their homes. Weapons, talismen, armor, and just practical objects for the family life would be more welcomed than gil due it being more personal.


As well, there is a vague hint of the Fist of Rhalgr being married into the ruling noble family of Ala Mhigo, so yes, arranged marriages were, and probably are, still a thing between Ala Mhigans.


For the priests in questions holding the ceremonies? I’d before I’d imagine it were the clans shamans! Although with the rise of the Fist of Rhalgr, and their having such a huge influence on the society in religious and cultural ways, I’d imagine they took over from the shamans in modern days. Of course when the Ala Mhigans modernised, I’d imagine they had proper laws and people for it as well, but the tradition of being married before Rhalgr by a Fist, or a Shaman, probably was kept in place, next to to official papers. Well, until the Mad King happened.


In any case, I'd expect once the religious nonsense ect are over it is probably a jolly good time with lots of drinks and food, and making tons of bawdy jokes about the fact the bride and groom (or whatever coupling!) will be getting it on later.


In any case, you can bullshit your way into so many tribal traditions, change them to your liking ect.


Basically, have fun and enjoy your marriage Kiera <3

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