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Voidsent Looking for a "Master"

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Not THAT kind of master you dirty birdies!


For IC purposes, Erel (Gloria Wilde) has a master who has helped her in transferring her Voidsent soul from a wind-up doll ,which she was imprisoned in, to a freshly deceased body. 

In exchange, this "master" has been promised many gifts (fame, fortune, all the good stuff ect.).


I could easily do this as a behind the scenes puppeteer NPC, but I figured getting acquainted with more actual people is a better and far more interesting prospect. I also had someone who was fulfilling the role at one point but has been gone a long time (and Glo is lonely).


I have been pretty vague in describing this "master" to make it less god-moddy for the person playing the part. 

So here is my classified ad for anyone who would be interested or think their character follows how I see this person in my head. 


-Falafel (Lalafell. Planes or Dunes doesn't matter but preferably male)


- Black Mage (cus Voidsent things or another job is fine if you can ICly explain how you pulled off transferring a Voidsent soul).


- Someone who is overconfident in their abilities and lacks the gravity of dealing with Voidsent. (A novice BLM would be great but any talent level would work well).


-Someone highly ambitious and thirsts for knowledge through experimentation as well as notoriety for their works....but also wants me to do all their work..


If this sounds like your character, I would very much like to get togethaaaa!

 Hit me up here, find Gloria Wilde in game or I will most likely be on my main, Ari Kagon.


Also, Here is my WIP wiki Erel . I'll be adding some origin stories to it soon.



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Barring the lalafell, and inexperienced parts, you just described Aulsoix.  Damn shame he'd only help a voidsent if he was desperate.  If you need an 'antagonist', he's got a lovely collection of void essence that he'd be thrilled to add her to.


I only ask for a Lala since the original character who helped her escape imprisonment was one. As for helping a Voidsent only when desperate...everyone has moments of desperation and weakness :3  

I can imagine Glo would have a lot of enemies so if you want to try your hand at catching her, be my guest. Before long, I imagine she'll have a Void Hunter onto her as well. Maybe you two can team up. :P

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